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Each every places local living are different in some way. Whether you are a city person or a village/kampung person in your country, other countries village/kampung or local living wouldn’t be the same. When we travel, the best thing to do is to experience the local living. How they lives and what is their culture there. The best place to experience all these would be in their villages/kampung.

In Yogyakarta, the best place to experience all these would be in Borobudur. In Borobudur area alone, there were 21 villages surrounding the candi/temple. In each village there were a few home stay accommodation for tourist to come over to experience the local living in that area.
When ever you think of home stay, some would imagine it would be a run down or not so hygiene home stay. But you are wrong. Nowadays, there are many decent looking and even luxuries homestay around that area. Depending on your budget, you will definitely be able to get one for your stay.

One of the recommended home stay in these village are Balkondes Ngadiharjo. Balkondes Ngadiharjo consist of 6 chalet in that area. In this chalet is was an independent home for each guest. This actually offers more privacy for each any every guest during their stay.

Besides offering a good stay to its guest, they also offers local foods dining cooked by the villager’s “ibu” (local mother). Which means that you would also be able to taste their local cuisines in a much better way.

So besides that, what could you do in this village?

Cooking Rempenyek in the Village
Weaving basket
Talking to villagers
Learning how bricks are being made
Learn about their local handicrafts

There are many more activities that could be explore individually when you are there.
The locals are very friendly and they are willing to share their living and stories when ever there are any foreigners are there. All you have to do is to make the first step to talk to them.
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