Eastern and Western Cuisines Meets at Sobeit Kuala Lumpur

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There were times when we go out fathering or hang out, not all of us fancy a single cuisine. Hence it would be good to have a hangout place that could have the best of both worlds.

Located OFF Jalan Ampang; Sobeit was one of the well sought-after restaurants in that area which offers the best of Eastern and Western cuisines all in the same place. It was located just opposite Amp Walk mall. If you are worried about parking space in that area, worry not.

Sobeit offers a row of free parking spaces in front of the restaurant. In case there were full, you could also park at Amp Walk mall where it offers FREE parking for the first 1 hour and RM 1 for the subsequent hour. Maximum RM 3 per day. So you could enjoy your hang-out time without any worries.

Among the Eastern cuisine from the North Indian highlights in Sobeit were; Dum Lucknawi Briyani (Basmathi rice cooked with saffron, aromatic spices, and marinated lamb), Butter Chicken (Morsels of chicken simmered in tomato cream flavoured with fenugreek), Mutton Chukka Varuval (Braised cubes of local lamb, cardamom, tomatoes and coriander), Southern Style Home Made Fish Curry (Chef’s special tangy & spicy fish curry cooked with coconut milk, tomato, onion & tamarind) and also Tandoori Chicken (Whole spring chicken marinated with tandoori spices & grilled in tandoor).

As for the highlights of the Western cuisine; our favourite would be the Pear Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza (Thin crust pizza with homemade marinara sauce and a mixture of gorgonzola, parmesan, mozzarella, creamy feta cheese and pear), Tex Mex Pizza (Thin crust pizza topped with homemade marinara sauce, minced chicken, capsicum, yellow onion and jalapenos), Big Daddy Beef Burger (Homemade beef patty served between burgers buns with cheddar cheese, salad, gherkins and chipotle pepper sauce, served with fries), Lloyd French Rack of Lamb (Bone-in juicy lamb shoulder served with potato jacket, sauteed broccoli, carrots, and zucchini with a choice of either creamy brown sauce or mushroom sauce) and Butter Flaky Beef Crust (Minced beef stuffed into a flaky crust pie paired with carrot, broccoli and mashed potatoes).

With a comfortable and cosy environment, paired with great beer and wine, now we know why Sobeit were one of the most sought after hanging out place in Ampang.

For more information on Sobeit, check out their website at https://www.sobeit.my

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