Discover Off-The-Beaten-Track Adventures Along China’s Ancient Tea Horse Road

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LUX* Tea Horse Road in Lijiang and Benzilan Unveil All-New Seasonal Packages for the Curious and Intrepid Traveler

An annual highlight in China’s Yunnan Province, spring marks the start of warmer weather and dazzling flower fields. In celebration of the beautiful spring blooms, LUX* Tea Horse Road in Lijiang and Benzilan are offering two exceptional packages, where guests will get to bask in the festivities, immerse in local culture and explore the natural wonders of the surrounding areas.

Scenic Adventures at LUX* Tea Horse Road Benzilan

As nature bursts into life with vibrant colours and sounds, LUX* Tea Horse Road Benzilan’s spring package promises unforgettable encounters with the enchanting sights of Shangri-La and its people. A trip to Feilai Temple will afford them the opportunity to see the majestic Kawakarpo, Yunnan’s highest mountain peak and a holy site in local Buddhist traditions.

Shangri-La’s wildlife is every bit as fascinating as its terrain. A guided tour of the nearby forests offers a glimpse of the rare snub-nosed monkey in its natural habitat. During an exclusive VIP tour of Songtsam Monastery, guests will learn about the fascinating history of Yunnan’s largest Buddhist temple complex while marvelling at its striking architectural flourishes. The surreal experience ends with a casual conversation with the resident lama in this private quarters and sipping on a cup of piping hot yak butter tea

Immerse in local culture at LUX* Tea Horse Road Lijiang

At LUX* Tea Horse Road Lijiang, spring is the best season to enjoy the distinctive region replete with breathtaking scenery and genuinely friendly locals. As an integral part of their stay experience, guests will get to learn about the Naxi, an ethnic minority tribe who have lived in the area for centuries. Immersive local activities include an engaging workshop on traditional embroidery or a rare lesson on the Dongba, a vanishing religious script unique to the Naxi tribe.

A day trip to Yulong, or “Jade Dragon” Mountain, will offer unparalleled views of the Yak Meadow, a patch of rolling terrain blanketed with emerald green grass and a rainbow of wildflowers.

The next stop is the Blue Moon Valley, home to a meandering river famous for its deep blue hue and the crescent moon shape it takes when seen from a distance.

In addition to daily excursions, both LUX* Tea Horse Road resorts offer a wide variety of enriching experiences. Guests can partake in educational workshops conducted by local experts on everything from handicrafts to tea appreciation to local culinary classes.

LUX* Tea Horse Road Lijiang’s spring package is priced at USD945++ per guest and LUX* Tea Horse Road Benzilan’s spring package is priced at USD1,295++ per guest. Both packages include four nights’ stay in a Superior Room, full board, all excursions, airport transfer and taxes. A minimum of two guests is required for both packages. The packages are valid until 30 June 2020.

A reimagination of the ancient passageway which once stretched across nearly 1,400 miles from the tea-growing region of Pu’er to Lhasa, the LUX* Tea Horse Road journey will be enhanced with the addition of new resorts in Dali and Pu’er by 2021.

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