Demangel Cafe A Hidden Cafe In PJ Uptown

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When we think of going to a cafe. We will always look for cafes which were located on the ground floor or those who are facing the main roads. But have you every thought of looking above all these shops? There might be more nice hidden cafes located on the top floor which we did not discover before.

Last week, we at eRayn3 has stop by to one of the hidden cafe’ Demangel Cafe which is located in PJ Uptown. The cafe is located right in front of the NKVE’s highway and was not being discovered by many.

It is a unique-themed cafe which combines the concepts of both Demon and Angel where they believes that things will always have two sides – the dark and the light; the yin and the yang; the good and the bad.

Their cafe concept has been designed according the this theme. Besides this special cafe design theme, their signature foods were it’s special western cuisines and also desserts. Among their signature dishes were; Chicken Chop Aglio Olio, Delambby (Lamb Chop), Salmon Carbonara and Finding Dory (Fish Filet).

As for their desserts, check out their Demangle Signature and Tell Me Your Favorite desserts. Of course not forgetting, about getting a cup of delicious beverage to goes with the foods. Try out their Matcha Latte or Oreo Milkshake for cold beverage and Mocha or Latte for their hot beverages.

Do pop by and enjoy a meal with our cozy environment. Snap a photo in front of the Signature Demangel backdrop or write a message to your current and future self with our one-of-a-kind “Time-Traveling Postcard”. They will send it back to you after a year according to the address you have provided to us.

They were hoping that by doing so, you will be reminded of your true self and to continue to live on with that passion you might have forgotten.

For more information, check out their Facebook at

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