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Malaysia is famous of its National Dish; Nasi Lemak. There were many versions of Nasi Lemak outside here but have you found one that is closed to your childhood taste? As we are still unable to cross state and even districts, we definitely will be missing our favourite hometown Nasi Lemak. It’s has been 18 months now and how long more we have to wait till we get our favourite Nasi Lemak?

There is a good news for everyone in Klang Valley now. A newly launched online store; EhNak D Makan. EhNak D Makan were formed to offers Malaysians its National proud dish; Nasi Lemak with is not only being consumed during breakfast but also for lunch and dinner by Mike a well-known owner of a Halal Vietnamese Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur; Rasa Viet.

With his talent in mix and matching our national dish with other local dishes, he as successfully created his own version of Nasi Lemak which could be paired with some other local dishes which is specially selected by him. Its Nasi Lemak’s rice is made of Nasi Kukus which is the reason why we get a nice fragrance smell on its rice. Besides the rice, the sambal is equally important to this National dish too. We realised that its Sambal taste really good! It has a taste of sweetness in it besides a spicy taste which brings us back to our childhood time when we were being given a normal Nasi Lemak for breakfast by our parents. The Nasi Lemak would normally also been paired with some sides such as cucumber, fried anchovies, peanut goreng and half of boiled egg too.

While now as a Malaysian, we are not only been pampered with such basic dish, we also loved to add additional dishes into our Nasi Lemak.

EhNak D Makan had also added some other local dishes into its Nasi Lemak meal too such as Curry Udang, Rendang Beef and Salted Egg Ayam.

We love all 3 of its local dish combination. It was really perfectly paired with the Nasi Lemak that they offers.

The Curry Udang were fresh and had a refreshing taste on it. The Salted Egg Ayam were out of this world. Beside they had the best salted egg taste that we ever tasted, its skin were crunchy and the meat were juicy. The Rendang Beef had a delicious rendang taste that had makes us reminiscing the time when we went for Raya visiting to our old friends houses and the meat were tender and juicy too. If you are not a fan of Beef you could also change the Rendang Beef to Rendang Chicken (pre order needed for this). We had trie out its Rendang Chicken on out other set too and it was as amazing as the Rendang Beef that we had.

Oh of course not forgetting about the beverage that perfectly goes with this Nasi Lemak. Mike had brought over its all time best seller’s Vietnamese Coffee into the meal too. This were one of the coffee that we had always crave for especially during this pandemic. We are glad that Mike has added his Signature Vietnamese coffee into EhNak D Makan.

With the price of RM 25.00 for the whole meal box, this is definitely a value for money meals that you could ever get in the market with such delicious dishes also you could top up a RM6.00 to get a cold pack of its Signature Vietnamese Coffee to complete your meal too!

If you would like to know more about EhNak D Makan, check out their Facebook @EhNak D Makan or IG @ehnakdmakan or call +6 014 333 3700

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