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There were no doubt that Hakka people have some of the best foods in Malaysia. Before the pandemic is here, many of us will definitely rush over to have some Hakka meals directly or indirectly in our daily life. The pandemic and lockdown now restrict our movement and even having a great Hakka meals with our family are hard. But now worry not, last week, we had discovered a good online Hakka restaurant; Savoury who offers delivery right to your doorsteps.

We have picked a few signature dishes from their menu and try it out and we were impressed with the foods portion and also tastes. Among the dishes that we had tried it out were; Kao Yuk Bao, Emperor Kampung Chicken, Hakka Premium Pork Belly with Taro and Hakka Abacus Seed.

Our favourite all time dish were the Kao Yuk Bao. Savoury Kao Yuk Bao were one of the best Kao Yuk Bao that we every had tried out. The bun were fluffy and soft even after you leave it for a day, generous portion of vegetables, and a perfectly mixture of meat and fat on it Kao Yuk (pork meat). We can mix and match the vegetables and Kao Yuk according to our preference. They even gaves us quite a lot of gravy to pair with the bun too!

Once you open the round shape aluminum foil, it will fill up the whole room with a nice herbal aroma smell. This Emperor Ginseng Chicken were huge. The chicken were definitely as what they have claimed, “Tender and Juicy”. It was filled with many types of herbs including ginseng which makes it nutritious too. Perfectly for elderly and those who loves healthy foods. After trying out this dish, our body were filled with heat. Thanks to the generous portion of high quality Ginseng that they have included into this dish. Normally we don;t get this kind of feeling after eating ginseng chicken or any dish that has ginseng outside. With the price tag of RM 75 for the whole chicken, this is one of the most value for money dish that you must order.

Its Hakka Premium Braised Pork Belly with Taro were also equally good! The braised pork were juicy and was perfectly cut into the right size. Paired with the alternate slices of taro has brings us back to our grandmother days where we would be able to enjoy an authentic taste of a comfort food that we used to eat.

Finally the Hakka Abacus Seed, a traditional Hakka dish made with Yam that is normally being eaten during festivals by the Hakka community because it signifies wealth as the Chinese name show “Sun Pun Chi”. What impresses us in this dish were the Abacus Seed were soft even after leaving it for a few hours. The normal Abacus Seed that we had will always hardened if we do not eat it immediately after it was served. We were not sure how did they do that but it definitely helps in maintaining the eating experience of this dish. The dish also comes with Vegan too!

With the dish above, they declared it was for 3-4 persons meal but we could definitely safely say it were made for at least 4-6 persons meal if you are not a super eater.

If you would like to know more, you could check them out on their Instagram or call +6 016 660 8114

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