Daily Fresh Halal Ramen at Maruki Ramen

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Japanese Ramen is a favorite cuisine for non-Muslims as it contains pork meat into it. Our Muslim friends never had a chance to taste Japanese Ramen due to this issue.

But now our Muslim friends have a chance to try out this Japanese cuisine at Maruki Ramen. Maruki Ramen use only the finest imported Halal Japanese wheat flour to make our Ramen noodles, and they make them every day because they don’t use any preservatives in their ramen.

Maruki Ramen’s Japanese Chef Kita-Sensei selects only the healthiest Halal Free-Range chickens to prepare their delicate broths, like many of us he doesn’t believe in ‘Ajinomoto’.

Their broad variety of authentic Ramen soup broths are vibrantly flavored with bonito, kelp, vegetables, and natural spices, and nurtured for hours before being served. Its Classic Soyu is a rich and thick white chicken broth combined with its imported Japanese Soy Sauce while its Classic Shio has been served with its Signature thick and rich white chicken broth balanced with salt, kelp and bonito.

When we paid a visit to its store, we ordered; Chicken Goyza served with Spicy Miso Paste or Japanese Soy Sauce, Ebi Tempura cooked with fresh prawns in a light and fluffy tempura batter, Edamame (salted and steamed baby beans), Classic Kara served with Maruki’s original full flavored Spicy Miso Chicken broth topped with its one of a kind Roasted Sesame Paste, Dry Maze Ramen mixed with pure wagyu oil. soy sauce and top with Ajitama eggs, wagyu fat cracklings, fresh shallots, leek, seaweed, and a choice of Australian beef and Classic Kuro Ajitama served with black garlic oil blended with their classic white chicken broth, glazed chicken roll, ajitama soft-boiled egg, and leek.

After trying out their Ramen and seeing its price (which is affordable), we would definitely be going back for more!

For more information on Maruki Ramen, check out their Website at https://maruki-ramen.business.site or visit their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/marukiramen

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