Dai Cha Dim Launches Steam Fun Rice @ RM 16.90

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Dai Cha Dim a Cha-Chaan-Teng (Hong Kong style café) concept cafe which is located in Pavilion KL is well known in servicing varieties of delicious Hong Kong Style comfort foods such as Char Siew (BBQ Meat), Wan Tan Mee, Luncheon Meat Rice, Dim Sum, Double-Boiled Soup, Cold Desserts, Polo Bun and Bottled Milk Tea.

In conjunction with the lockdown, Dai Cha Dim has recently launched its Steamed Fun Rice menu for RM 16.90 each, available for takeaway or delivery. We had tries out 2 of their Steamed Fun meals; Minced Pork Patty & Salted Egg Yolk, Luncheon Meat Rice and found it was as delicious as we were dining in. It’s Pork Patty meat were tender and juicy perfectly paired with its hot servicing rice. While it’s luncheon meat were not oily at all. Suitable for those who are looking for great fried foods with less oil.

Of course talking about Hong Kong foods, Egg Tarts were one of the food that we would not want to missed. We have tried out its Egg Tarts and found that the egg tart seems like just coming out from the oven. The egg tarts skins were crunchy and the tarts we moist. We are loving it and had finish all of it at one go.

Besides food we also have tried out their Milk Tea and Osmanthus Tea too. Even though the Milk Tea were being bottled, we found the taste were still the same (after shaking the bottle before consuming it) as the actual Hong Kong Milk tea but it was not too sweet. The Osmanthus Tea gives us an describable taste but we loved it.

Overall, we feels if you are missing some Hong Kong comfort foods, Dai Cha Dim would be one of the cafe that you must consider ordering. For more information, call +6 03 2148 8101 or 017 686 2770 or click https://bit.ly/3enKmMf to order.

Pst: Receive FREE DELIVERY within 10km radius of the restaurant when your purchase an order above RM 80

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