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We understand that many of us are bored staying at home for such a long period of time and are looking forward for some outing with friends and families outside of the home. Now, it seems like the opportunity has come as it looks like the country’s pandemic is slowly getting in control and our Government is also slowly relaxing the restrictions impose earlier due to the current pandemic.

But this doesn’t mean that we can lose guard of ourselves while we doing activities outdoor. On top of wearing a face mask and frequent sanitizing and social distancing, dining in the open air would be the best choice at this moment to stay safer. While searching around for a good open-air dining place, we have discovered a rooftop dining restaurant which is located at Tropicana Avenue named Curious Kitchen.

Curious Kitchen is a modern contemporary restaurant especially offering menus that are designed to connect people with an interesting selection of shareable plates, platters & good wines to lift your social occasion. The restaurant has divided its rooftop into 3 sections; its special indoor kitchen (a place where all the magic happens), a contemporary dining section, and a hangout bar section catering to different types of diners.

We had to pay a visit to this restaurant last week to check out the foods over there besides enjoying a rooftop open-air dining there. Among the dishes that we had tried out were; Baja Fish Tacos, Porky Fries, Nachos Americano, BBQ Australian Beef Ribs, Iberico Toploin, Iberico Hokkien Mee, Creme Brulee, Miso Caramel Cheese Cake and of course not forgetting its Signature Sangria; one of the best Sangria in town.

Its Baja Fish Tacos were one of the bestsellers in their restaurant. Served with beer battered halibut, fresh slaw, pico de Gallo, coriander, chili sour cream, and flour tortillas, this dish makes a perfect dish to goes with a cup of wine or its Sangria. There was also something special about its Porky Fries; fries topped with smoky BBQ pulled pork and onions. It was a perfect match especially when they have inserted onions into the dish to make the taste more refreshing.

We found that it’s Nachos Americano was also something special. It’s a fusion mix between Mexican Nachos and American Cheese. The Nachos Americano was served with fried tortilla chips, its special cheese sauce, sour cream, guacamole, pico de Gallo, red salsa, and coriander. This dish is best to be eaten immediately when it’s served.

As for mains, we had tries out its BBQ Australian Beef Ribs which is oven roasted in its signature dry coffee rub, bbq sauce; served with apple poppy slaw and & mashed potatoes at the bottom. The BBQ Australian Beef Ribs we one of the best Beef Ribs that we have tried before. It was also very easy to be cut into pieces too. This shows how fresh and tender the beef ribs are.

When we talk about pork, we normally heard our elderly told us that we have to fully cook it before it could be eaten. But this is not the case for Curious Kitchen’s Iberico Toploin. The fully imported Iberico we taking from the pig that is specially fed with a kind of nuts in their diet which makes the meat consumable even if it’s half rare. Hence you would see some red meat in the middle of this Iberico Toploin’s dish here. Worry not. It was safe to be eaten and it was delicious too. This was our first time trying out a half rare pork meal like this.

If you are not a fan of steaks and western foods, worry not they also have special local comfort foods; Iberico Hokkien Mee with a twist in its menu too. As the name shows, this Hokkien Mee is served with egg noodles cooked in a dark sauce with Iberico meat (that’s was luxurious), fresh seafood (such as squid and prawns), and vegetables. If you like local comfort food, this is one of the dishes that you would like to order when you are there.

Finally, of course, it would the desserts which is their all-time favorite in the restaurant; Creme Brulee and Miso Caramel Cheesecake. The Creme Brulee was silky & smooth. We could even taste a creamy custard taste in it too. With the caramelized sugar topping, it makes it even more perfect as a dessert. Its Miso Caramel Cheesecake was also some special. When we had our first bite, we feels that it was soft and fluffy. It was not too sweet too. Its Miso Caramel Cheese Cake actually consists of velvet-rich & creamy filling, digestive crust, drizzled with miso caramel sauce. What a day! It was heaven to end with both of these desserts in such a beautiful open-air dining restaurant.

Check out Curious Kitchen on their social media or for more information.

Pst: They also offer to take away delivery for those who still prefer to dine at home. To order, you may visit

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