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Dilmah Tea we no jargon brand for anyone who loves teas. They were none of the largest tea producers in the world. As we travel around the world, we would definitely happen to see this brand in some of the hotels too.

This year, hosted a Tea Appreciation Day and introduced a revolutionary take on the finest Dilmah tea to hospitality professionals, consumers, and tea aficionados in Malaysia. Tea is no longer the conventional teas that we had been drinking all these years. With the theme “Crafting a 21st Century Luxury Tea Experience”, Dilmah innovated the way we could consume teas at any time of the day. Elevating teatime experiences beyond a cup of tea.

Dilmah Founder

“From the terrain, and soil to the tea leaves, we believe in the power of nature that influences every taste and vibrancy of the teas that we make at Dilmah. We honor, preserve and embrace nature in each tea we make to enable families to enjoy every sip. We are so happy to be back in Malaysia to host this Tea Appreciation Day and remind Malaysians of the quality and authenticity of a cup of Dilmah tea,” said Dilhan C. Fernando, Tea Grower, and CEO of Dilmah Tea.

During the event, Dilmah presented 3 types of drinks to pair without local foods and another 3 drinks for desserts (for desserts lovers);


1) Nasi Lemak paired with Dilmah’s Earl Grey Tea
2) Satay paired with Brilliant Breakfast Tea
3) Steamed Fish and Green Salad paired with Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers


1) Chocolate Fudge paired with Moroccan Mint Green Tea
2) Cookies and Cream Ice Cream paired with Single Estate Darjeeling Tea
3) Apple Pie paired with Pure Chamomile Infusion

Dilmah also invited one renowned mixologist to showcase some mocktails and cocktails made with Dilmah’s teas too which makes the tea drinks even more interesting.

“Malaysians are no stranger to a tea-drinking culture, be it as a social gesture or family traditions. At Dilmah, we want to continue being a part of Malaysians’ lives by putting a spin on how tea can be appreciated, savored, and enjoyed,” added Fernando.

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