Cold Stone Creamery Malaysia Brings Frozen Favourites To Fans In Petaling Jaya

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Cloud kitchen brand COOX and Cold Stone Creamery Malaysia today jointly announced that the beloved brand is bringing its world-famous ice creams and desserts closer to the brand’s fans in Petaling Jaya, with its opening at COOX, Glo Damansara.

Well-known globally, with over 1,500 locations across 28 international markets, this marks Cold Stone Creamery’s first location operating from a cloud kitchen, in line with the brand’s expansion plans since its entry into Malaysia in 2018.

Reaching Customers With Cloud Kitchens

Pivoting to a cloud kitchen-based model is strategic towards Cold Stone Creamery Malaysia’s expansion, with plans in the future to open an additional five outlets across Malaysia, on top of its existing six locations in the Klang Valley.

“We at Cold Stone Creamery Malaysia are delighted to bring our freshly made ice cream and ice cream cakes to customers in Petaling Jaya with COOX. This will be an exciting addition to our current locations,” said Cold Stone Creamery Malaysia General Manager Rupinderjeet Singh.

“With this new location operating delivery and takeaway, we’re happy to partner with Cold Stone Creamery Malaysia and bring greater choice in quality dessert offerings to consumers at large,” added COOX CEO Ken Lee.

To order premium ice creams and desserts from Cold Stone Creamery, visit today.

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