Claypot Lap Mei Fragrance Rice by Health Care Forte

Food Slider For claypot rice lovers, during this lockdown have you ever planned to buy a claypot to cook your own claypot rice? Do you know that not everyone could cook a delicious claypot rice by their own? There were some specific skills that needed in order to master claypot rice cooking.

Ultram Tramadol Online If you are not a claypot rice expert, you might be risking your claypot rice to be brunt, uncooked and etc. It would be safer for us to just buy it from the expert. After watching Health Care Forte’s Claypot Lap Mei (Chinese Sausage) Fragrance Rice, it has seduced me to order one for our self. A few days ago, we manage to try out its Claypot Lap Mei Fragrance Rice delivered to our home door step. On the first look the Lap Mei looks appetizing. Besides it’s perfectly cooked fragrance rice, the Claypot Lap Mei Fragrance Rice by Health Care Forte has included 3 types of Hong Kong Lap Mei on to it. These different Lap Mei has different texture and taste which makes the meal more interesting. The light Lap Mei has a bit of sweet taste on it and as for the darker colour Lap Mei gives it a little salty taste which is perfectly to be paired with the fragrance rice. My mum loves it a lot and almost finished it all by herself.

Order Tramadol Next Day Delivery If you are not a big fan of these sausage size of Map Mei (like me), they have one special Lap Mei which looks like sliced pork. This slice pork a look Lap Mei has some fat on the top which makes the meal one of my favourite ones.

Health Care Forte’s Claypot Lap Mei Fragrance Rice were the first Lap Mei dish that I would come back again or more. I were truly impress how his Claypot Lap Mei Fragrance Rice has changed my taste buds from not a fan to a fan of Lap Mei.

Order Tramadol Online Prescription With the price of RM68 (for 4 pax), you will also be rewarded with 2 FREE bottles of Bird’s Nest Drink too. This meal is a worthwhile meal to look out for. If you would like to check out their delicious dishes, check out their Facebook at Pst: Use our CODE: eRayn3 when you purchase and receive a discount of 10% on normal price dishes and 5% on promotions price dishes.

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