Carrie Bacbuster’s Kids Antibacterial Hair & Body Wash, 5X Gentler

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The pandemic is not over and we might need to live with it for a very long period of time. Protecting our kids from germs and bacterias is not even more important than ever. The adult body wash is good for removing germs and bacterias but it is safe for kids to be used?

Recently we had discovered Carrie, a leading local kids brand in Malaysia has introduced an antibacterial hair & body wash for kids that parents can count on. Tough on bacteria, but gentle on kids’ skin. 5x gentler than an adult shower cream the Bacbuster Hair & Body Wash is triclosan-free, alcohol-free, soap-free, paraben-free, dermatologically tested, and also hypoallergenic.

Research shows that 58% of mothers switch to adult shower cream as kids are exposed to external environments particularly during this pandemic. The reason behind their switch is simple, safety. Most mothers are seeking antibacterial defense to keep their children clean and safe. But most of them are met with disappointment as research also shows that 54% of these mothers find that the adult antibacterial shower gels are too harsh on their children’s skin. With Carrie Bacbuster’s antibacterial formulation that is proven to be PH Balanced, children stay protected with its 5X gentler on skin formula.

In addition to featuring the top-rated Media Prima kids cartoon character Ejen Ali, Carrie also successfully ensured the product is appealing to children by its welcoming fruity scent, instead of the harsh scent which is usually present in adults showers gels with a very affordable price.

Carrie’s antibacterial hair & body wash also kills 99.99% of bacteria and germs and is a dermatologically tested HALAL certified product enriched with olive oil that also moisturizes and nourishes children’s skin and scalp. If you are looking for a hair and body wash that is gentle to your kid’s skin, this would be the product that you would need to consider.

After testing the PH level from our adult body wash and Carrie’s body each, we are really convinced that this would be a safe hair and body wash for kids to be used. Bacbuster will be sold in various sizes to suit the convenience of parents. It also comes in two different fragrances which are blasting blueberry and smashing strawberry!

In addition to the Hair & Body Wash, Carrie will be completing this range by launching the Carrie Bacbuster Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray which is specially formulated for kids’ skin too. Its formulation is recommended by WHO with 80% alcohol that can kill 99.999% bacteria. It also contains a skin softener that ensures kids skin remains moisturized! Now, parents can protect their children AND themselves!

The options of Bacbuster will be:

Carrie Bacbuster Antibacterial Hair & Body Wash
280G @ RM9.90 (WM)/ RM10.4 (EM) / BN $3.50 (Brunei)
700G @ RM18.90 (WM) / RM19.80 (EM) / BN $6.75 (Brunei)
600G Refill Pouch @ RM10.90 (WM) / RM11.40 (EM) / BN $3.90 (Brunei)

Carrie Bacbuster Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser @ RM5.90 (WM) / RM6.20 (EM) / BN $2.20 (Brunei)

The Carrie Bacbuster range will be hitting stores nationwide soon. For further information and the latest promotions from Carrie, visit:

• Carrie’s official website at
• Carrie’s Official Facebook page at
• Carrie’s Official Instagram Page at

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