Buy 1 Free 1 at Siong Tong Gai Tropicana Gardens Mall

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If you are looking for one Chinese Restaurant that has affordable great foods, Siong Tong Gai is one of the restaurants that you must head over to. As currently, they are offering Buy 1 Free 1 promotions, we have taken the opportunity to pay a visit to its Tropicana Gardens Mall outlet to try out its dishes. Upon entering the outlet, we have already been attracted to its foods smells. We were attracted to the fish aquarium that displays many types of fish in it and after looking at its menu, we realized that Siong Tong Gai specializes in seafood dishes. With the promotion that is running on its menu, we have decided to try out all 3 of its Dine-In’s Buy 1 Free 1 promotions; Signature Steamed 3 Treasures with a FREE Popcorn Sweet & Sour Pork, Steamed Fresh Water Prawns with a FREE 3 Treasures Vege and Signature Teamed Village Chicken wit FREE Signature Doufu. The Steamed 3 Treasures comes with squids, prawns, and clams. And you can add in the choice of their fish where you can have the Hifin Patin, Soon Hock, Jade Perch, Silver Catfish, Black Talapia, or Red Talapia. Asides you can add in their scrumptious juicy Fresh Water Prawns at RM 60 each. To add more luxury touch to the dish, why not add some crabs too! The dish is superbly good and the broth comes with complete sweetness from the seafood and a taste of spiciness from the sliced ginger, garlic, and chilli padi. The Popcorn Sweet and Sour Pork that comes with the Steamed 3 Treasures dishes tastes pretty good and the meat is tender. The sweet and sour combination we perfectly paired with its juicy and tender meat.

Tramadol Cheap Overnight Steamed Fresh Water Prawns which is such a luxurious dish to enjoy. The prawns come superbly fresh with the tender juicy meat in them. They are so good especially the meat itself. It is simply fresh and each mouthful is such an indulgence. The 3 Treasure Vegetables were nicely stir-fried with great “wok hei” which makes it taste delicious. Their Signature Steamed Chicken was using the kampung chicken in their cooking. The chicken comes simply good and delicious which makes its broth simply aromatic and flavorful. The Signature Tofu that comes FREE with this Signature Steamed Chicken were amazingly good too. The tofu comes simply smooth and they are topped with the scrumptious crunchy bites of dried shrimps and meat. With the dishes that we had tried out, we will definitely be coming over to this outlet again for these great foods. If you do not have many diners to dine together with you, you maybe also opt for its individual set which starts from RM 16.90 with a main dish that comes with a Vege / Fried Egg dish, a bowl of Rice, and a Desserts. For more information on Siong Tong Gai, you may call or visit any of its outlets below: [ Puchong IOI mall ]
📍Lot FS06,FS07,Food Street,First Floor,IOI Mall.
☎️012 – 5379963
⌚10AM – 10PM

[ Eko Cheras Mall ]
📍M-LG-07,Eko Cheras Mall.
⌚10AM – 10PM [ Tropicana Gardens Mall ]
📍PJ Tropicana Gardens Mall
Lot CC 37&38,Concourse Floor.
⌚10AM – 10PM

[ Klang Aeon Mall ]
📍Klang Bukit Tinggi Aeon Mall
Lot F13,Aeon Bukit Tinggi.
⌚10AM – 10PM

[ Kepong Aeon Mall ]
📍Kepong Aeon Mall Metro Prima
F17,Aeon Mall Metro Prima,Jalan Metro Prima,Taman Kepong.
⌚10AM – 10PM

[ Toppen Shopping Mall ]
📍L1-13A,Toppen Shopping Centre.
⌚10AM – 10PM [ R&F Mall ]
📍G-150&G151,Ground Floor,R&F Mall.
⌚10AM – 10PM

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