Best Crystal Skin Mooncake Only at Dorsett Grand Subang

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Yes, it’s mooncake again. This time we are craving Crystal Skin mooncakes. When thinking about Crystal Skin mooncakes, the best snow skin mooncakes that we ever had is in Dorsett Grand Subang. After we had tasted its crystal skin mooncakes last few years, we have been one of its loyal fans ever since.

Dorsett Grand Subang’s mooncakes were lovingly hand-curated by Master Chef Chan of The Emperor Chinese Restaurant at Dorsett Grand Subang. Every Mid Autumn, we would definitely be getting some of its crystal skin mooncakes for our Mid Autumn gathering and celebration. Despite the pandemic is still going on here, we have managed to get some of its crystal skin mooncakes to be eaten at home too.

We were so excited when the delivery guy arrives at our home yesterday with the bag of our crystal skin mooncakes. Among the snowmaking mooncakes that we loved were 2 of its award-winning snow skin mooncake; Musang King Durian Crystal Skin mooncake and Dorsett Blue Skin mooncake.

The Premium Musang King Durian Crystal Skin were one of the unforgettable snow skin mooncakes that we have ever eaten. The mooncake was filled with pure Premium Musang King paste on them which is very rare. The taste we so delicious packed with musing king flavour which makes our eating experience unforgettable.

The Signature White Lotus Paste Single Egg Yolk and Organic Blue Pea Flower Extract mooncake (Dorsett Signature Blue Mooncake) on the other hand, were filled with white lotus paste with a single yolk wrapped with organic blue pea flower-infused crystal skin. This mooncake gives us a refreshing feel after tasting it. Its infused blue pea flower was something that is unique which you never be able to taste elsewhere.

We had also get one of its newly launched flavours Mango Lotus With Custard. We were curious how Sweet and Salty taste could be merged together in one mooncake. Comes to our surprise, the mooncake gives us another level of taste experience. It was perfectly paired with the sweetness of the mango lotus and the salty taste of the custard makes has made this mooncake refreshing at the same time had some salty taste on it. Thumbs Up!

Besides that, one of the mooncake flavours that we had always miss were the Pure Red Bean Paste. Made with the Crystal Skin, this Pure Red Bean Crystal Skin mooncake gives us another taste experience compare to the classical red bean mooncake. With the soft skin on the outside, this mooncake suits perfectly the elderly.

Crystal skin mooncakes come in an Eski Bag while traditional baked mooncakes come in a box which can be repurposed as a lantern for the young ones on 21st September when the family gathered together to appreciate the full moon at its finest or to be used as a storage box for a multitude of things.

Each packaging comes with 4 pieces of mooncakes and of course, individual pieces are available for sale too. To order, log on to or email: or WhatsApp: +60 16 2011 248.

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