Berbuka Puasa with Unlimited Grilled Steaks at BIFE The LINC KL

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Ramadhan is here and recently we had paid a visit to the LINC KL to shop around and buy some groceries. While walking in LINC KL, we had been attracted with a dining restaurant named; BIFE Charcoal Steakhouse (saw their yummy steak on their video on the TV).

BIFE Steakhouse is a restaurant who specializes in varieties of charcoal-grilled meat, ranging from beef chicken, lamb and many more. We saw they were having Ramadhan “Eat All You Can” Buffet promotion; RM 119.90+ per adult and RM 59.90+ per child from 7pm-9:30pm from 27 March – 20 April 2023.

Since its also about time for berbuka, we had decided to join its Muslim guest berbuka at the restaurant. While waiting for berbuka puasa time, we has walked around the restaurant to check out the buffet spread. Beside its signature charcoal-grilled meat, ranging from beef chicken, lamb and etc, BIFE also offers varieties of side dishes to pair with the charcoal-grilled meats.

Among the Signature dishes during this Ramadhan were; Chicken Cut Rendang, Kicap and Malayi traditional Chicken, Prawn and Squid Sambal, Percik masak lemak seafood, Buttermilk and Sambal Dory Fish, Nyonya and Malay Traditional Fish, Nyonya and Malay Traditional Fish, Cucur Udang BIFE, Chicken. lamb and beef craving, Roast Chicken and Lamb Leg.

Overall we did really enjoyed the meal at BIFE especially on its hot from the oven’s charcoal grilled meats and pineapples. Oh ya their Signature Teh Tarik which used fresh milk instead of carnation milk is also something that you must try.

If you would like to know more or booking check out their Facebook at or call/whatsapp +6018 7777 640

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