Back to 1970s with Red Inn Hotpot

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Nowadays, not only foods play an important role in our dining experience. The environment that we are eating at was also important. Especially when we get to be back to the future, the nostalgic feeling is something that is precious. Recently we discovered a Hotpot Restaurant hidden in Manjalara Kepong had a unique back-to-the-future design. It has been designed as if it was back in the 1970s when all the Hong Kong oldies movies scenes.

The is one of the unique dining restaurants that we had tried before so far. When walking into the restaurant, it had already been greeted with oldies bulbs, lights, and of course oldies songs too. The hotpot broth was equally unique as some of it we did not find in other shops such as its Famous Green Pepper Soup, Fresh Lala Soup, Garlic Spicy Soup, Sake Broth, and many more.

During our trip there, we started the meal with its special Fried Brocolli which is crunchy and unique in our opinion. We then ordered its famous items like Red Inn Handmade Meat Ball Platter, Signature Shrimp Paste, Best Meat of RedInn, Tai Chi Shrimp Paste, Mix Flavour Noodle, Shitake Mushroom, and its cute Barbie Doll Pork Belly. We had also ordered Ring Ring Roll Red Inn, a vegetable platter, and of course not forgetting a seafood platter too.

Overall the environment experience really brought us back to the olden Hong Kong days with its environment and also music accompanies by fresh delicious foods too.

If you would like to know more about Red Inn Hotpot, check out their Facebook at

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