Hotpot Kitchen Opens In Sunway Pyramid

As same as the normal Hotpot Kitchen in other malls, Hotpot Kitchen offers; Pick What You Like, Order and Eat. There were a wide varieties of vegetables and meats that are perfect for Mala style foods available for diners to select. Diners could also select the level of spiciness and also whether to goes with rice or noodles, dry or soupy meals.

eRayn3 Magazine – Issue 15

Lynn’s Cafe Adapting to New Normal

During the MCO and restricted dining, some Malaysian turned into home cooking while juggling with kids and office work. However, when busy families do cook at home, the process of preparation, cooking, and cleanup is stressful. Forgoing home-cooked meals and family dinners eat into the quality of life and leaves individuals and families feeling undernourished and lacking. Eating healthy with a var...

MCO Inspired Menu at Hagi Japanese Restaurant

With all these issues that has arise, Hagi was very thoughtful by coming out with some Japanese foods that is cooked besides raw sushi and all of it still taste well after it was left for a while due to delivery.

Asian Inspired Pizzas at SPG by Bijan

SPF by Bijan has recently created a few signature pizzas inspired by the local cuisines. SPG by Binjai which is an acronym for Sarong Party Girl s located next door to Bijan will greets you with a beautiful bar accentuated with Nyonya tiles and a colourful patio lounge with retro furniture. As you move indoors, you’ll come across a stunning private dining room and the rest of the cosy dining hall ...

From a Stall Besides The Road to 4 Well Received Outlets in KL

The founder of MIOS Kitchen has made it within only 3 years! Founded by two siblings; Mior Azim and Mior Amin bin Badalishah, MIOS Kitchen is actually an expansion from their Mother's food stall into their very own version of delicious cuisine's restaurant serving western cuisines at affordable prices after both of them graduated from marketing and culinary respectively

Demangel Cafe A Hidden Cafe In PJ Uptown

It is a unique-themed cafe which combines the concepts of both Demon and Angel where they believes that things will always have two sides - the dark and the light; the yin and the yang; the good and the bad.

The Chicken Rice Shop 20th Anniversary Get “Ayam Untuk Semua” Meal Set for RM 20 Only!

In conjunction with The Chicken Rice Shop's (TCRS) 20th Anniversary, TCRS are giving back to the community by serving up to 20,000 sets of "Ayam Untuk Semua" Meal for 3 pax at RM 20

French Beauty Product Entering Into Malaysia

Global Award winning French skincare brand, Laboratoires Embryolisse,is making its appearance in Malaysia for the first time last May 2020.

KLHopOnHopOff Offering FREE RIDES to all Malaysians

KL Hop On Hop Off has 2 bus routes; City and Gardens route that you could take to tour around the KL city area. If you happen to have some time or would like to have a tour in the KL City area without having to worry about jams and parking, head on to the KL Hop On Hop Off's stop and get your rides!

If you bike, this is what you need to know

If biking is your exercise of choice, then you'd want to give your old bicycle or bike (or your newly bought one), suitable care to ensure it performs smoothly and efficiently. This is especially important for bike chains to keep them lasting longer, so you don't have to change them as often.


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