Authentic Vietnamese Cuisines with NO MSG!

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Eating out has always been linked to unhealthy foods because of its MSG content. Most of the “outside foods” that we are eating would definitely contain MSG for better taste and flavoring.

It’s not easy to find a restaurant that doesn’t include MSGs in their foods but still tastes delicious. As we are craving Vietnamese foods during this MCO, we had found one of the nestled MUSLIM FRIENDLY Vietnamese Restaurants in The Sphere Bangsar South offers authentic Southern Vietnamese foods with NO MSG!

With that finding, we had visited their restaurant to try out a few chef’s recommended dishes there. As a starter, the must-try is their Assorted Spring Roll Platter (Classic Summer Roll, Fried Roll, Mayo Prawn Netted Roll, Sweet Yam Netted Roll) and perfectly paired with Lemongrass Chicken Skewer. Upon completing the starter we have dive into their Vietnamese signature Pho; Classic Beef Pho and Smoked Duck Pho. As we never had enough out Vietnamese foods, we have decided to try out another of its Signature Grilled Chicken Vermicelli which amazed us with the tenderness of the grilled chicken.

Can You Buy Real Tramadol Online As for drinks, the all-time must-try drink would be their Vietnamese coffee; VN Drip Coffee (we love the coffee to goes with milk) either hot or cold. If you are not a coffee lover, why not check out their smoothies? Rasa Viet currently offers 4 types of local fruit smoothies; Cempedak Smoothies, Avocado Smoothies, Sapodilla/Ciku Smoothie, and Soursop Smoothie. We have tried out their Cempedak Smoothie and what we can say, it was perfectly blended together; making it hard to resist.

Non Prescription Tramadol Online Of course, a meal will not be complete without a dessert. We had tried out its homemade Caramel Pudding and it has makes us not having enough with just one cup. How I wish I could get 10 of it in a single meal. LOL!

At the first bite, we had already known the foods were exactly the same as what we had (f not better) in Vietnam and taste even better especially their Smocked Duck Pho that could be turned into a refreshing soup noodle which makes us keep thinking about it even days after our dining.

If you are nearby, why not drop by this restaurant to try out some of the Vietnamese dishes here. Who knows this would be one of your favorite restaurants to hang out with after this. For more information, check out their Facebook at

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