At Least 3 Things You Have Not Eaten Before at Mala Cantine

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Good News to all Food Adventurers and Mala Kakis!

Nestled in SS24 Petaling Jaya neighbourhood shoplots, there were a newly opened Mala Steamboat restaurant named Mala Cantine. The owner has brought his 10 years’ family secret recipe from Chongqing China’s Mala Steamboat into Kuala Lumpur for the locals.

What makes this Mala Steamboat shop so special? It was of course their soup base and its dishes! At Mala Cantine, they offers soup based which are; ChongQing Spicy Soup, Collagen Soup, Mushroom Soup, Tomato Soup, ChongQing Sour Raddish Soup, and Vegetarian Soup together with more than 100 types of dishes for selection for the meal. Their soups are all freshly prepared daily hence it’s Collage Soup are only available on 6pm onward daily.

Among the most ordered dishes were; An Xin Pork Belly Slices, An Xin Pork Shoulder Slices, An Xin Fresh Pork Aorta, Handmade Coriander Meatballs, AUs Beef Slices, NZ Lamb Slices, Fresh Duck Intestine, Sliced Premium Dory, Fresh Tiger Prawn, Snow Crab Sticks, Fresh Prawn Meat Paste, Seafood Tofu Cheese, Fish Noodle, Crystal Fish Balls,Yam Slices, CQ Sweet Potato Noodle, Ban Curd Sheet, White Fungus, Shanghai Noodle, Rice Noodle and many more.

Besides that, there we some dishes that you might not try before in any of the restaurants are also available in this restaurant such as Mala Cantine Spicy Beef Slices, Tong Hou, Overlord Flower, Kelp, Sze Chuan Bamboo Slices, Tremelia and Dried Dictyophora.

While waiting for the foods to be cooked on the hotpot, they also offers ready to eat side dishes such as Cooked Chives Pork Dumplings, SzeChuan Pepper Chicken Chop, SzeChuan Pepper Fried Pork Slices and etc.

If you are looking for something exciting and new, this is one of the steamboat restaurant that you mustn’t miss. It is suitable for mala and also non mala lovers as well.

For more information, check out their Facebook at

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  1. the food is terrible. no second time visit.


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