Stuck car windows? Squeaky doors?

thumb_Specialist_Silicone-LubricantWell, as we all know, rubber and PVC degrade and harden over time. To counter this, we need plasticizer to restore rubber to its original suppleness. That’s why you need the WD-40® Specialist™ High Performance Silicone Lubricant.

So don’t get frustrated and no need to run to the mechanic before it rains (or get stuck in a jam for that!). Just get hold of a can of this WD-40® Specialist™ High Performance Silicone Lubricant, which can safely lubricates, waterproofs and protects metal and non-metal surfaces, including rubber, plastic and vinyl.thumb_specialist_application_linkages

To battle those stuck power windows, just spritz on those rubber cupping your window glass and it’ll be back to a smooth up and down afterwards. If you own or are restoring a classic antique car with roll-down windows — where there’s likely dirt and grease built up over the years — spray on liberally on the window track mechanism, and it’ll be an effortless glide right after.

The same goes for that squeaky car door: just spray and leave on for a few minutes, and voila, you’ll be rid of that annoying squeak! On top of that, this lubricant won’t attract dust or dirt, and is great for waterproofing and protecting parts against moisture.

2014_04_15_04470_Easy-Resize.comSafe for most rubber and plastics, the WD-40® Specialist™ High Performance Silicone Lubricant is non-staining and provides superior performance across a wide temperature range (yes, we’re talking from -73°C to +260°C). It can also be used on high pressure equipment, like valves, fittings and tubings.

Part of WD-40®’s specialist range of products, the WD-40® Specialist™ High Performance Silicone Lubricant is also great for pulleys, hinges, locks, cables, and more.

info_specialist_sl_uses_01Outside of automotive use, it’s also great on sliding glass doors — or any cranky joints. Just try it on the metal tracks that doors slide on to clean the rails and keep the glide smooth.

Want to know more? Just visit WD-40® Silicone Page at or it’s Asia Website at today.

More importantly, avoid the panic if you’re caught in any troublesome situation. Just keep a can of this handy little specialist lubricant at home. From what our customers say, every home needs one!

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