GoPro has been dominating the action camera market earlier than 2014. The newly launched GoPro Hero 7 has even impresses users with it’s super smooth stabilizing feature and also its improved mic last September.

With the newly launched DJI’s Osmo Action Camera, the urge for sportsmen, travellers and also youtubers to get one of this gadgets has also increased.

While many reviews debating which action camera is better and which one is should you buy, many of us has opt to purchase the action camera that we love to use.

But have you forgotten, it has been a trend for GoPro to launch its yearly new products every year during September time? GoPro Hero 5 launched on September 2016, GoPro Hero 6 launched on September 2017, GoPro Hero 7 launched on September 2018. Shouldn’t we wait a little bit more longer for the new new upcoming product by GoPro before deciding which to buy?

For those who can wait, we would strongly recommend for you to wait for another 3 months for the new GoPro product launch to check out what is the new thing that they will be launching before deciding to purchase which one.

You may also save on the product depreciation as many of us knows when the new product is out, the product price that launched before it will also reduced. If that time, you still prefer to purchase the GoPro Hero 7, you may get some better bargain too.

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