Why The Freestyle is Your Best Entertainment Companion

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Samsung The Freestyle has an impressive design with a small footprint – especially for a projector that can transform any room into a cinematic experience.

Yes, there are other options on the market that might have more “impressive” specs, but they don’t look or work as well out of the box. It really is a portable device that just works.

If you love streaming content, want something that’s easy to set up, and like the idea of taking the big screen with you wherever you go, The Freestyle is for you.

This device earns the designation “Freestyle” by not only conforming to demanding routines but by innovating them. Imagine starting your morning and deciding you want to do your yoga routine with a virtual class. Grab The Freestyle, take it to your “studio,” which is actually a spare bedroom, point it at the wall and go. Do you have a treadmill and wish it was a Peloton? Use this projector to create an immersive exercise experience.


When you’re done working out and ready to start your day, take your projector to the kitchen. Set your Freestyle on the counter and find a spot to shine it. Pull up a recipe and follow along without constantly unlocking your phone and getting whatever you’re cooking all over it. While you’re eating, point the projector at the wall across from your seat and enjoy an episode of your favorite show or a pretty scene using the Ambient Mode, or play some music while The Freestyle does double-duty as a color-changing lamp.


When it’s time to start the workday, we found The Freestyle gives us lots of options: If it’s a busy day, you can turn a wall into my virtual boardroom. And if we’re having a slow day, you can throw on the next episode of a favourite show, on the wall above my monitor or laptop. When we’re sick of distractions, you can turn on The Freestyle’s ambient sounds and lighting and transform your home office into a meditative cave of soft swirling lights and sound. It’s the perfect companion with which to vibe out and write some great articles for a couple of hours.


When the workday is over, it’s easy enough to move The Freestyle to another room where you can watch the game on the big wall with friends, or if you’re a proper housewife, turn your kitchen table into an RPG gameboard and display your animated D&D maps on it using The Freestyle’s overhead ceiling mount, which makes it look like an overhead light—totally incognito.

What’s striking about the Freestyle is its size. Do you want a hassle-free home cinema setup? The Freestyle can give it to you. Do you want to watch movies on a big screen when you go out to visit friends or take a vacation? The Freestyle got you covered. Do you want to set the mood for an outdoor date? The Freestyle can help you with that. Do you want to enjoy the movies you’ve missed these past two years in the closest cinematic experience possible? It feels like The Freestyle was made exactly for that.

Priced at RM 4999, The Freestyle is one of the best smart portable projectors up to date and is one of the projectors that had incorporated lifestyle features in it. If you would like to know more, check out Samsung’s website at https://www.samsung.com/my/projectors/the-freestyle/the-freestyle-sp-lsp3blaxxm/

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