From 16th May – 14th June 2018, Dorsett Subang will be presenting a lavish spread of nourishment for diners with its special Citarasa Ramadhan by its Chief Chef that has more than 20 years experience in food and culinary.

Relish in a melting pot of authentic local delicacies such as beautifully cooked Roasted Whole Lamb (marinated with their secret blend of spices and roast to perfection) with the fragrance Mandy Rice, luscious Briyani Gam with choice of Lamb, Chicken or Beef, aromatic Steamed Red, Pomfret or Seabass served with tangy oriental sauce or homemade soy sauce and the hearty and refreshing all-time Malaysian favourite Gearbox Soup served with Roti Benggala.

To cleanse the palate, indulge in the classic Turkish Ice Cream in 4 amazing flavors. The highlight will be D24 Durian flavor among others such as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. IMG_7260

An array of top local and western desserts which include premium dates from the Middle East, fresh fruits, Teh Tarik, the creamy blandness of Bread Butter Pudding and selections of traditional kuih will also be available throughout the Ramadhan month.

Dorsett Subang is currently offering a 25% OFF till 16th May 2018. For more information or reservation, call 03 5031 6060 or email to

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