If you’re a fan of Japanese desserts like green tea ice cream, you’ll probably love the green tea drinks and desserts below too:



Pure Green Tea

  • O-Matcha
  • O-Match Cappuccino
  • O-Matcha with Yuzu



  • Daily Tea (Sencha – Green Tea OR Houjicha – Roasted Tea OR Genmacha – Brown Rice Tea)
  • Wakouha (Black Tea)
  • Yuzu Tea (Yuzu Sencha OR Houjicha and Yuzu Wakoucha)


  • O-Matcha
  • O-Matcha Cream
  • O-Matcha Kinako
  • O-Matcha Chocolate
  • Houjich
  • Houjicha Cream
  • Wakoucha
  • Wakoucha Cream

iceblendedseriesIce Blended Selection

  • O-Matcha
  • Houjicha
  • YUZU
  • O-Matcha Milk
  • Houjicha Milk


Float Selection (with Ice Blended)

  • O-Matcha
  • Houjicha
  • YUZU Citron Tea
  • O-Matcha Milk
  • Houjichan MilkIMG_1374-683x1024_Easy-Resize.com

Parfait Selection (Ice Cream)

  • Tsujiri (O-Matcha OR Houjicha)
  • Shiratama (O-Matcha OR Houjicha)
  • Chiffon Cake (O-Matcha OR Houjicha)


Shaved Ice Selection

  • Tsujiri (O-Matcha OR Houjicha)
  • YUZU
  • Uji-Kintoki
  • Sunrise Uji
  • Sunsei Uji


Soft Ice Cream Selection

  • O-Matcha Soft Ice Cream
  • Houjicha Soft Ice Cream



Dessert Selection

  1. O-Matcha Chiffon Cake
  2. O-Matcha Roll Cake
  3. Houjicha Roll Cake
  4. Shiratama Kinako Kuromitsu
  5. Shiratama Kurogoma


All the above Green Tea Drinks and Desserts are available at Tsujiri, Damansara Uptown.

For more information on Tsujiri, please visit: www.tsujiri.my or follow their facebook at www.facebook.com/Tsujiri.my

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  1. Oh my… its like too much green tea attraction here! ? I want parfait! Nope… maybe the soft serve. Err… maybe float? Errghhh… nevermind… will hunt them down. ??


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