In order to take good photos, having the right gear is crucial for its success. With this right tools, it enables you to capture quality and unique photography angles that you normally will not get.

But when would be the best time to by it? Of course during the seasonal sales!

We are lucky that we are living in a multi cultural and with many different types of sales in a year. One of the highly recommended time would be this coming September 2018. Lots of online shopping were offering super sales discounts to its shoppers.

One of the highly anticipated sales would be the Lazada’s 9.9 Festival Sale that will be taking place from 6th – 9th September 2018. Shoppers could save up to 90% on its selected products on the store and with more then 2000 vouchers available for more then 100 brands on its store.

Some of the product that are on our wish list that would be on sale on Lazada were:

1) Smart Go Pro Style Action Camera V3R 4K Ultra HD Sports Cam

Camera is a good tools to capture photos and videos but there were times that a handy action camera would be useful especially during adventure and water activities.

Many says GoPro would be the best bet but if you do not have that type of budget, other action cam would be a good buy too.

2) SmallRig Sony A7II/A7RII/A7SII ILCE-7M2/ILCE-7RM2/ILCE-7SM2 Cage 1660

Investing in good camera nowadays are not cheap. In order to be able to used it for a more longer period. Protecting the camera is very important.

A rig protector could protects your camera from fall and wear and tear during your shooting period. It also could enable us to add on more accessories into the camera such as flash, led lights, external microphone and many more.

3) Andoer Studio Photo Lighting Kit

A photography studio has always been a dream for all photographers. In order to get great photos, the floor lighting are very important too. Studio lights would help in lighting the photos with the correct light exposure. A complete studio kit like this are the highly recommended studio tools for photographers.

To check out more details on Lazada 9.9 Festival Sale, check out

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