Another year has just passed, we will be welcoming the year of the Boar in just another few weeks time. Are you looking for something special to dine this reunion. This year, Dynasty restaurant at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur have came out with it’s Chinese New Year Special for its guest.

For Dim Sum lovers, now you could enjoy a special varieties of Chinese New Year Specials such as; Steamed Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Seafood Paste, Steamed Fu Kwei Abalone Dumpling, Golden Dumpling with Carrot Sauce, Steamed Dried Iyster Fish Dumpling with Sea Moss, Deep-Fried GLutinous Dumpling with Black Sesame, Steamed Spinach Jade Dumpling with Prawns, Crispy Potato with Egg Custard and Taro Ball with Prawn & Salted Egg and many more for RM 19.80 each.

Golden Sumpling with Carrot Sauce
Taro Ball with Prawns
Steamed Spinach Jade Dumpling with Prawns

For those who prefer round table set meals, Renaissance do offer set meals for 2 persons (from RM 198 nett  – RM 398 nett per set), 5 persons (from RM 498 nett – RM 798 nett per set), 6 persons (from RM 1,098 nett – RM RM 1,398 nett per set) and 10 persons (RM RM 1,798 nett – RM 3,398 nett per set). Some of the dishes that includes in the menu are:

Braised dried seafood soup with crab meat, scallop
Poached farm chicken with Kwei Fei abalone in superior stock
Sauteed fresh prawns with Chinese herbs
Steamed live sea grouper in premium home-made soy sauce
Sun-dried oyster with black moss, flower mushrooms
Steamed lotud leaf rice with dried scallop
Double-boiled dried sugar cane with peanut, fungus
Dynasty fortune pastries
Prosperity Dynasty Treasure Pot

For those who likes to try out the conventional Chinese treasure pot, Renaissance are also offering it Prosperity Dynasty Treasure Pot which are able to serve for 5 person at RM 498 nett – RM 988 nett, layered with ingredients including fresh and sun-dried scallop, fish maw, fish stomach, Fu Kwei abalone, sea cucumber, roasted duck, farm chicken, flower mushroom, money bag, dried bean curd, tiger prawns and fungi mushroom.

Brimming with whole Hokkaido and sun-dried scallops, whole abalone, stuffed dried oyster, Sang Kang ball, smoked duck, bamboo pith and a variety of premium treasures, the Golden Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot is an indulgent ‘melting pot’ of top-grade ingredients for a reunion full with abundance.

Of course not forgetting the must have dish for Chinese New Year, Yee Sang! Renaissance offers 6 varieties of Prosperity Yee Sang (Salmon Yee Sang, Fruity Fiesta Yee Sang, Yee Sang with Smiked DUck Salmon & Fu Kwei Abalone, Jelly Fish Yee Sang, Yee Sang with Golden Crispy Enoki and Twin Prosperity Yee Sang with Salmon & White Bait) that comprises of different seafood options and an appetizing mix of refreshing ingredients such as white turnips, carrots, yam as well as accompaniments like pickled ginger and pamelo, complemented with a homemade plum sauce at RM 118 nett for 1/2 portion and RM 228 for 1 full portion.

Twin Prosperity Yee Sang
Prosperity Toss

Renaissance has always been well known for its foods taste and also creativity. This is one of the new year dinner that you wouldn’t want to miss.

For more information or reservation, you may email to or call +603 2771 6692.

* Prices are inclusive of 6% Sales & Services Tax (SST).

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