Wayang Jogja Night Carnival is an art and culture parade that performed to celebrate Yogyakarta city anniversary.

The carnival held on October 7th in every year and attended by local art enthusiasts and culture communities from 14 districts and supported by Yogyakarta city Tourism Board.

This parade will start from Sudirman street, then to Tugu Golog Gilig and finish at Margo Utomo street.

The carnival show the aesthetic of the art and the richness of Yogyakarta culture.

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Coinciding with the 261th Birthday of Yogyakarta City, Wayang Jogja Night Carnival is present again featuring the main actors of 14 sub-districts which are planned to complete the sparkling excitement of Jogja’s Birthday Day along Sudirman Street to Mangkubumi road at 6.00pm – 12.00am.

Different from the previous year, this time the show will be presented in accordance with a musical accompaniment that has been prepared by the organizer to make this carnival more interesting than before.

To have a sneak peak on the past Wajang Jogja Night Carnival 2017, check out the video below:

If you are planning to look for a rich in history and culture place to visit, Yogyakarta is a place that you could consider going.

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