You might heard about the famous Kluang Kopitiam but did you know that the first Kluang Kopitiam is in Kluang Railway station?

The Kluang railway station is a Malaysian train station located at and named after the town of Kluang, Kluang District, Johor. The station is located in heart of Kluang town and access to every location in town can done by walking distance. For tourists who are interested in historical building designs, this station is the best place to go.

The railways linked Kluang to other areas and allowed trade and commerce which directly boosted economic development in Kluang. Therefore, it is accurate to say that the railway station is one of the main contributors to the development of the district into what it is today.

Secondly, the railways cut the town into two, therefore it is often said that when the road is closed for the train to pass, the entire town would stand still.

Lastly, Kluang’s most renowned coffee that carries the pride of Kluang was born in the railway station itself. Close to a century has passed since the opening of the railway station, yet it continues to serve passengers faithfully and is now a place of interest to many who seeks the rustic and nostalgic past.

This railway might be one of the historical railway that is available in Malaysia. For people who lives in the city, they might not be able to have a chance to experience this type of railway before in the city. The railway connects from Padang Besar to Singapore’s Woodlands too. If you are looking for a special way to travel to Singapore (no matter which state you are in, you might want to try out this railway too.

Address : Kluang KTM Station, Jalan Station, Kluang, Johor.

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