Vietnamese Cuisines delivery to Your Doorstep

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During the MCO 3.0, we are not allowed to dine-in in any restaurants and are encouraged to stay at home. But what happens when we are craving certain foods or cuisines?

One of the foods that we had always craved during this period of time was Vietnamese food. If you were like us too, you are in luck. Rasa Viet; a MUSLIM FRIENDLY Vietnamese Restaurants in The Sphere Bangsar South offers authentic Southern Vietnamese foods with NO MSG currently are also AVAILABLE for DELIVERY!

We could not get them to deliver our favorite foods right to your doorstep. Earlier this week, we had ordered some of our favorite dishes from RasaViet for our dinner; Assorted Spring Roll Platter (Classic Summer Roll, Fried Roll, Mayo Prawn Netted Roll, Sweet Yam Netted Roll), Vietnamese signature Pho; the Classic Beef Pho and it’s Signature Grilled Chicken Vermicelli which has amazed us with the tenderness of the grilled chicken previously.

Of course not forgetting, its homemade Vietnamese coffee; VN Drip Coffee (we love the coffee to goes with milk) where we could choose to drink it either hot or cold.

If you think that the food would be cold and will not taste as good as it served hot from the kitchen to your table, you are wrong this time. Its foods were separated into dry and soup packaging where it allows us to mix them whenever we would like to eat them. If you like your soup hot, you could also heat it up when the food arrives in your home.

We have tried it and we found it is equally delicious as if we were eating in the restaurant. If you love Vietnamese foods, why not try out Rasa Viet’s foods which could deliver to your doorsteps during this MCO 3.0 period.

For more information, check out or contact Rasa Viet their Facebook at

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