USA First Cheese Dipping Burger in Malaysia

Food Slider Malaysian had been spoiled with many types of burgers, ranging from Fast foods Burgers, Ramli Burgers up to Premium Burgers. But for sure you will not be able to get Cheese Dipping burgers anywhere out there. A few weeks ago, Pasadena Burger & Coffee (Malaysia’s First Cheese Dipping Burger Brand) had officially launched its First Hybrid Outlet Concept in Plaza Mont Kiara. Pasadena Burger & Coffee is famous for bringing a local twist to the dipping burger — a burger meant to be slathered in sauce, usually cheese — which originated from Pasadena, a Californian city that introduced cheeseburgers to the world, and is home to some of the most delicious food ever created. With the new outlet, the brand is taking the opportunity to expand its menu in catering to a wider market segment. With the love of Dipping Burgers by its founder; Cornelius Lu, Founder of Pasadena Burger had launched its mouth-watering burgers in 2020 and then Pasadena Burgers has grown from its online portal and pop up stores to its first-ever hybrid outlet.

So what’s makes Pasadena or the dipping burgers so special?

Cheap Tramadol Mastercard Besides the Dipping Burgers, Pasadena also offers beef burgers which are made with 100% Australian beef, the softest burger buns, fully-imported ingredients, and with no MSG. If you have ever tasted one of its burgers, you will know Pasadena’s burgers are not so-called fast food burgers but really quality burgers in generous size too.

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We had have a chance to pay a visit to Pasadena to check out their unique burgers. Indeed their burgers were huge compare to other fast food chain burgers. Based on their staff’s recommendation, we had tried out 3 signature of burgers in their outlet; Cheese Burger (served with high quality Australian Beefs) paired with their special Crispy Cheese, Spicy Crunchy Chicken Set which comes with a fries and a soft drinks and of course its new Dipping Burger (with Muffin Bun) which comes with 3 different types of Dipping Sauce (Honey Cheese Cajun, Cajun Chilli and Habenero) and a Crispy Cheese.
Cheese Burger
Crispy Cheese
Spicy Crunchy Chicken Burger
Spicy Crunchy Chicken Burger Set
Dipping Burger
Dipping Burger Sauces Of course we also not forgetting to order one of its well spoken drink; the Vanilla Milk Shake, a California Milkshare which is a prefect drink to be paired with western-style burgers. Other exciting additions to the menu include 3 of its latest variants of Pasadena’s signature fries — Cajun Cheese Fries, Habanero Chili Queso Fries, and Honey Cheese Fries. For more information on Pasadena Burger & Coffee, please visit

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