Old Town Ipoh (Fine Art)

The Nando’s Art Initiative, now known as YOUthReka, is back with the annual 2018 Art Competition where creative youth from all walks of life come together to showcase their amazing talents and imagination. The programme, which remains a dedicated platform to nurturing young creative talents in Malaysia has seen numerous young creators leap into their art careers after having the opportunity to present their talents to art lovers in the local scene and have gone on to change the landscape of how art is perceived and appreciated.

This year, the exhibition takes on an even bigger spin with special additions aimed at not only nurturing these young creative talents but aims to reach out to those who are interested in dabbling in the arts themselves.

Apart from the main exhibition, that will showcase over 40 masterpieces from participants all over Malaysia under the Fine Art and Digital Art category, there will also be an exhibition of art works created by four local Autistic artists. Their art pieces, along with the participants’ works will be on auction from 14 August 2018 to 24 August 2018 at Publika Shopping Gallery.

The Nando’s Art Initiative which has always been geared towards changing the lives of youth regardless of who they are or where they come from, has incorporated these additional artists into the exhibition to illustrate that creative talent is limitless and that art can be made and appreciated by anyone and everyone.

Laksamana (Digital Art)

Seek (Digital Art)

In light of the recent boom in interest towards art, Nando’s intended for the exhibition to not only speak of the talented artist who participated in the competition, but also for the general public to truly experience art themselves. Bringing that sentiment to life, Nando’s, together with Titikmerah Gallery, will be hosting a special ‘Pop-Art’ section for all those who would like to try their hand at creating their very own masterpiece. Pop Art, an art style made popular by artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein is known for its simplicity and expression of the mass culture. It is an easy art form to understand and remains relevant even in modern times.

The Pop Art section, which will be hosted by young artists from the art collective TitikMerah, led by Ajim Juxta, co-founder of TitikMerah, will be demonstrating and guiding participants on methods of producing Pop Art. The activity will run from 22 August 2018 until 24 August 2018.

Those who love art or even the idea of it are welcome to support these young artists by purchasing art pieces through the auction. All works displayed has been judged based on originality and creativity, the story (concept & idea), quality of design and composition, use of medium and artistic finish, and overall impression.

For more information on Nando’s Art Initiative, please log on to http://www.nandos.com.my/artinitiative.

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