If you are looking for a nice environment with unique foods, Jing Ze is one of the place that you would like to taste. Located at Seksyen 17 Petaling Jaya, this restaurant serves unique Asian Contemporary cuisines in its restaurant.

Through our visit to their restaurants recently, we were impressed how these Asian contemporary cuisines looks and taste.

Beef Tartare - Fermented shitake, XO sauce
XO Chips that comes with Beef Tartare
Cabbage Heart - Preserved daikon, lontong and kuih kunyit
Grilled Stuffed Wings with Snake Bean Curry
Aged Hiramasa Kingfish Crudo - Roasted cream, kelp oil and mustard sorbet
Pearl Grouper - Tamarind, coconut and season's vegetables
Roast Sanchoku Wagyu Shoulder Tender - Black garlic, green sauce and salsify
Smoked Mulard Duck - Roast leek, fermented cabbage and rawon broth
Legian Village - Traditional rice cake, pumpkin tempura, sabayon, pumpkin ice cream and wood sorrel
Chili Lime Granita

On top of that, if you love to watch chefs cooking foods, there were a table specially for guest to sit, watch and enjoy such special cuisine close to their chefs. The only 5 months old restaurant has already gained many loyal diners, dining in the restaurants daily and it keeps growing.

For those who have visited the restaurant will surely have a long lasting taste impression on its cuisines. To know more about Jing Ze, check out their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Jing-Ze-Contemporary-Asian-Restaurant-730034214000596/

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