At the corner of one of the high traffic place in Kuala Lumpur town, there lies a small dessert shop named Whip Up.

Whip Up is operated by on passionate chef named Chef Tee.He developed his interest in desserts from watching his aunt baking during childhood. With years of patisserie making and thousand of miles traveled in tracking down exquisite pastry shops in France, Chef Tee opens Whip Up to share the delight that comes from all things sweet.

His mission is to make the world a sweeter place with his deserts. But of course that is not the only focus that he have. He also focuses on getting the fresh and premium ingredients to perfect his desserts too. From creamy French butter ti pure Belgian chocolate, his pantry is stocked with the choices ingredients that rival to hotel kitchens.

Below are some of the desserts highlights that you could find at Whip Up:

A for Apple

A for Apple



Go Limango

Go Limango

  1. A for Apple – This mousey, apple-shaped cake is stuffed with apple compote and caramelized walnuts, finished in green glace. Complete with stem and leaf, because it’s freshly-plucked from the kitchen!
  2. Tiramisu – Experiment with their tray kit equipped with mascarpone cheese, ladyfingers, wine and a choice of crunchy toppings (caramelized almonds or chocolate curls).
  3. Go Limango – Life is to be celebrated, even during sour moments! This bulbous, cheesy cake laced with tangy lime on a bed of crumble sits harmoniously with cubed mangoes and a coconut tulle
Mdm Ng Special Nasi Lemak

Mdm Ng Special Nasi Lemak

They also offers filling foods such as Mdm Ng’s Special Nasi Lemak.

Sweet and spicy ikan bilis sambal. paired with aromatic, fluffy rice cooked in pandan juice, this legendary recipe has made generations of tummies happy.

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