We have often heard about US fast food chain but not on UK fast food chain. Non that we have heard of.

But there is a good news!

One of UK’s fast food chain’ Wing Wing has opened it’s first Asia outlet in Pavilion KL last Dec 2018. Alright does it sounds weird? Issn’t Korean are famous on it’s chicken wings?

Yes you are half correct. Wing Wing is actually with korean cuisines influence which is founded in UK. Wing Wing is famous of its chicken wings with 3 unique flavour; garlic, hot and spicy and Liquorice (kayu manis).

Besides the flavour, what makes the wings so special was on their wings. They only use chicken wings and drumet for the wings. The Chicken Wings also may come with side dishes such as colestraw, chicken wraps or even salad.

Wing Wing Counter Design
Chicken Wings/Drummets/Drumsticks with a choice of Soy Garlic, Hot, Liquorice or Mix

Besides Chicken Wings, their Chicken Burgers were also one of the highlight. In their Chicken Burgers, the patty that they use were carefully selected from the chicken tight, drumstick and drumet meat which makes it tender and juicy. One of out favorite part was they have the free flow soft drinks too!

Chicken Burger
Chicken Wrap
Katsu Bao
Refillable Soft Drinks

For more information on Wing Wing, you may check out their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WEAREWINGWING/

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