Music lovers always have a great headphone by their side and it is not cheap. But placing it on the table might not be a good choice in protecting them. Here are soem of the headphone holders that you might want to consider for your headphone.

The Satechi Aluminum Wireless Headphone Stand Places Ports Within Reach

Satechi Aluminum Wireless Headphone Stand

Satechi Aluminum Wireless Headphone Stand

The prevalence of wireless technology when it comes to headphones and multimedia has increased the need for more flexible solutions to match like the Satechi Aluminum Wireless Headphone Stand. Working with either wireless headphones from Satechi or other brands, the headphone stand offers users three full USB 3.0 ports to help extend the functionality of computers. This can help to either bring the ports up to desk level or offer additional ones for enhanced functionality.

The Satechi Aluminum Wireless Headphone Stand is also outfitted with a 3.5mm audio jack, which will offer functionality for headphones that aren’t wireless. Available in a variety of color options that suit Apple products seamlessly, the headphone stand is both a functional peripheral and fashionable place for essential electronics.

Twelve South’s ‘Fermata’ Both Charges and Displays Headphones

Twelve South's 'Fermata'

Twelve South’s ‘Fermata’

As wireless headphones become more common, the Fermata is a convenient way for style-conscious consumers to both charge and display their aural paraphernalia. Design company Twelve South’s attractive headphone stand hides the clumsy wires that come with most charging devices, turning headphone charging from a discreet act into one worth displaying.

Today, headphones have become as much a statement about one’s style as they are a conduit for listening to one’s music. As such, manufacturers put effort into creating aesthetically attractive products, whether for wearing or for displaying in general. The Fermata stand takes advantage of these designs, putting them on display rather than squirreling them away.

In terms of specs, the Fermata comes with a cleverly incorporated reversible Micro USB charger built in. It also has a second USB port, just in case consumers’ headphones don’t accept Micro USB.

The GVDV Headphone Stand Keeps Headsets Hidden Under Desks

GVDV Headphone Stand

GVDV Headphone Stand

People are overwhelmingly spending their time on computers for work more than ever, so products like the GVDV headphone holder are coming about to satisfy this demographic. Instead of keeping headphones on the top portion of the desk, the stand works by being incorporated onto the underside of the desk to hold onto up to two headphones pairs.

The wooden design of the stand makes for a pleasant design aesthetic, although it will likely only be appreciated by the person who installs it as it will be completely out of sight. The GVDV headphone holder helps to lessen desk clutter and will keep headphones held in place as well as offer users a spot to hang cables.

The Kancha Headphone Stand is a Convenient Computer Accessory

Kancha Headphone Stand

Kancha Headphone Stand

Though this design is not something you would categorize as life-changing, the Kancha Headphone Stand does deserve some credit.

The methacrylate clip attaches onto your iMac computer or Macbook and holds onto your earphones, like a man servant. This makes it easier for you to grab your headphones when you feel like listening to music as you browse Internet sites and to hang them up when you get called away by hunger. Also a very good idea for those who may be germophobes. You no longer would have to worry about what bacteria may be attacking your ear gear when you rest them down on the counter.

The Kancha Headphone Stand attaches onto your computer by use of an adhesive strip and is able to be removed quite easily.

The Omega Headphone Stands Offers the Perfect Display

Omega Headphone Stands

Omega Headphone Stands

Since headphones are fast becoming state-of-the-art technologies in their own right, you should treat them as such with these Omega Headphone Stands.

Of course, these Omega Headphone Stands may cost as much as your new pair of headphones. Made out of a single piece of lacquered wood, the stand is a sleek, sexy display. It is available in cherry, maple, walnut, or zebrano finishes.

Of course there were a few headphone holders that has been listed andthere are many more in the market which you can find. There were some DIY’s headphone holder ideas too that you could refer to.

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