Top 6 Features in Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for Travels

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Malaysia has moved from Pandemic to Endemic status this month. It also means that we will be able to travel wherever we wish to. This also means that we at eRayn3 will also be traveling around soon.

We were stuck in our own place for more than 2 years from now, but our will to travel did not die off even a single minute. We have been looking around for the best tools and gadgets to be used when we are allowed to travel again. We had been taking our mirrorless Sony camera with us all this while but this also means that our luggage is heavier with it and its accessories.

One of the solutions was to use our phones to take videos and photos when we travel. Searching for the phone with the best camera had been one of our goals when while we were stuck in our own place. Earlier last month, Samsung has officially launched its 2022 flagship phones, tablets, and accessories to the market. We were attracted to its Galaxy S22 Ultra as it has combined the previous Note and S series into one phone. Getting the best of both smartphones into one phone.

In this article, we will share with you how we could travel lighter without compromising our photos and videos quality and the features that we could use in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Travel Itinerary and Bookings

To start our travel, we normally will have a travel itinerary for each of our trips. It would be best if we could get all the information all in one place. With Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, we could plan, book our travel for accommodations & flights and keep our travel documentation such as flight e-tickets, e-wallets to keep loyalty and credit cards, and many more.


While traveling, navigating from one place to another is also very important. By having large storage and accurate location tracking, now we could use the Galaxy S22 Ultra to navigate with Google Map or any other navigation apps without any lags or inaccuracy since the Galaxy S22 Ultra has the best processing speed in the market so far.

Creating Memories

Of course not forgetting about creating memories whenever we travel. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has the best camera for photos and videos in the market so far. It’s also their flagship feature in the Galaxy S22 series. With the enhanced Nightmode, we can now take great night photos with great details at night. With its Samsung Notes and SPen, we can also now jot down notes or memories while on the go.

Payments (SamsungPay)

When we travel, the best is to keep our money safe from theft. But when we need to take out our wallets from our bags, this would also attract unwanted attention especially when we look like a tourist at the place we are traveling. By using Samsung Pay, we can now conveniently pay with our phones instead of taking our wallets from our bags or pockets.


While we were traveling by plane, bus, train, or even car, entertainment would be the best companion to kill time. With the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s large screen and enhanced audio sound, we can now enjoy our movies or music. If with its Galaxy Buds, it would produce even better sound too.

Samsung Pay

Reverse Charging

While we were using our devices while traveling, there were times that we will experience devices low in battery. What if you do not have any power banks with us? This is the time when the Galaxy S22 Ultra comes in handy. Its equipped with a 15W reverse charger which could allow us to charge any devices that are also equipped with wireless charging features.

There were many more features that we could explore depending on what activities that you would like to do during travel. So far, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the best travel smartphone that you could consider in 2022.

Also, feel free to check out our first impression and full reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S22. If you would like to know more or to purchase, visit Samsung’s official website at

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