On 14th July 2017, Mitsuyado Seimen (known as the “House of Tsukemen”) a large chain of Japanese eateries specializing in tsukemen noodles has opened up their first outlet in Malaysia located at The Starling Mall.

Mitsuyado Seimen is well known for its signature tsukemen dish, a chewy wheat noodle which is eaten after being dipped into a thick, flavorful broth. Same as others Japanese companies principle, the company’s mission is to deliver consistency in quality in every bite therefore all components of their dishes, from the noodles right down to the broth, are fresh in the store daily using only ingredients of the best quality imported from Japan.

The process of preparing noodles at different temperatures Cooked noodles are rinsed in seperate vats of water of varying tempretures to achieve the desired serving temperature. In order to accommodate to Malaysian taste buds, two of the most popular choices, “Hot” and “Cold” noodles will be offered in Mitsuyado Seimen.

What makes Mitsuyado Seimen’s broth different from all others is its special ingredient – yuzu oil. Yuzu is hardy citrus which originates from Japan. The mild tart flavour of yuzu adds a slightly sour punch to the already sweet broth made by boiling vegetables and pork bones, perfectly balancing out the flavors to deliver a wholesome and satisfying meal. Their are signature tsukemen’s dish are:  

rsz_cheese_tsukemen rsz_tantan_sesame_tsukemen rsz_karashi_tsukemenCheese Tsukemen – Fresh Japanese springly noodles topped with cheddar cheese, served with Yuzu dipping soup and pork cubes simmered in Mitsuyado’s special sauce.

TanTan Sesame – Fresh Japanese springy noodles served with sasame dipping soup and pork cubes simmered in Mitsuyado’s special sauce.

Karashi Tsukemen – Fresh Japanese springy noodles served with spicy pork dipping soup.

They also offers some side dishes and snacks in their menu for visitors to enjoy while catching up with their family and friends.

rsz_img_5245 rsz_img_5247
In conjunction with it’s opening promotion, enjoy 20% discount off on the above menu vaild until 31st July 2017. Simply visit Mituyado Seimen’s Facebook page and show your waiter the digital voucher in order to claim your tsukemen. The voucher can be used as many times as you want during the promotion period.

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