Get the Right Lubrication for your Motorcycle Chain with WD-40® Chain Lube range especially formulated for a smoother and faster ride.

The chain is one of the important parts of a motorcycle and yet most often overlooked. Keeping your chain in top condition not only improves your vehicle’s performance, but also keep you from running into situations that can become dangerous.

Any kind of resistance or friction can cause the chain set to become faulty and directly impacting how efficiently your power is used. The same rules apply to motorcycle chains that keep slipping. Thus, choosing the right lubrication will go a long way in extending the life and performance of both your motorcycle chain and sprockets.

Determined to meet the lubrication needs of avid riders, WD-40® Specialist ™ Automotive Chain Lube is designed to cater to these specific purposes: to lubricate and to protect your vehicle even in the most challenging weather conditions.

WD-40® Specialist ™ Automotive Chain Lube -The ultimate solution to all Motorcycle chain problems

Unlike a plain motorcycle chain, sealed motorcycle chains such as O-ring, X-ring, or Z-ring chains utilizes a rubber seal between the inner link and outer links that ensures the grease is kept inside the pin and bushing cavity and effectively keeps road grime out. These different types of rings also have different lubrication needs. Thus, it is important to use the right lubrication to extend the longevity of the chain.

WD-40® Specialist ™ Automotive Chain Lube is made of a high-performing and long-lasting lubrication and protection formulation that is compatible with O, X and Z ring.

This high performance, fully synthetic and extremely tacky chain lubricant could withstand any dry, wet or varying weather conditions, which makes it suitable for street and off-road motorcycle, kart and ATV applications. It also has superior protection properties that prevents damage from friction, inhibits the buildup of rust, prevents squeaks on chains without leaving a build up inside links and drivetrain – all the properties that make it suitable for those living in tropical weather and off-roading enthusiasts.

Best of all, those who are particular about keeping their motorcycle spotless, WD-40® Specialist ™ Automotive Chain Lube is made of a special formulation that keeps it from flinging. This outstanding anti-fling properties that makes it much less likely to fling off of the chain and make a mess on other parts of the bike.

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