We have heard about Hong Kong is well known for it’s charcoal’s Roasted Duck Rice. Do you the legend Roasted Duck Rice is also available in Taman Mayang Jaya too?

Poh Kei located at Taman Mayang Jaya has been operating since many years ago. Its initially located in a typical shop lot that looks more like a house, it sits at the corner on it’s own and from the outside, you wouldn’t even know that it’s a place to eat since it does not carry big signage to indicate that it’s a restaurant. Rather, it’s more towards the hearsay of people that you would know what this place is.

rsz_1poh_kei_shopDue the the change of ownership of the shop, Poh Kei has no choice but to relocate to the shop opposite the initial shop they were. Currently the old shop that they are occupying previously has been taken over by another Roasted Duck Rice seller. To ensure you are not visiting the wrong shop, look for the “238 Kopitiam” sign board as per the picture beside here where it is located in front of St. Ignatius Church.

Roasted Duck

Roasted Duck

Poh Kei are well known of their Charcoal Roasted Duck which reassemble the well known Hong Kong Charcoal Roasted Duck taste in Hong Kong.

Besides Roasted Duck, they also sells Roasted Chicken, Steamed Chicken, Roasted Pork and Char Siew to go with the rice.

Braised Spicy Sour Chinese Mustard with Roast Duck

Braised Spicy Sour Chinese Mustard with Roast Duck

On the side line one of their highly recommended dish is Braised Spicy Sour Chinese Mustard with Roast Duck.

Their price for their dishes are cheap compare to the foods in that area. If you would like to have a nice and cheap food, this is one of the shop that you might not want to miss.

For more information on Poh Kei, visit thei facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pohkeirestaurant


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    • Hi Kim, sure 🙂


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