The 10 Must-Visit Booths at the iFood Expo this Week!

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The iFood Expo held in Pavilion Bukit Jalil is an extraordinary culinary event that brings together food enthusiasts, industry professionals, and renowned food brands under one roof. This grand exposition showcases the very best in the world of food, catering to a wide range of tastes, preferences, and culinary interests.

At the iFood Expo, visitors can indulge in a captivating gastronomic journey, exploring a myriad of flavors, delicacies, and innovative food products. From gourmet cuisine to street food delights, this expo offers an extensive range of culinary experiences that cater to all palates.

Prepare to be captivated as we unveil the crème de la crème of the iFood Expo. In this exclusive article, we invite you to embark on a tantalizing journey through the most extraordinary booths that demand your attention at this week’s iFood Expo.

Indulge your senses as we present the top 10 must-visit booths, meticulously curated to showcase the epitome of culinary excellence and innovation. From exquisite flavors to awe-inspiring presentations, these booths are set to leave an indelible mark on your palate and culinary repertoire.

1) Booth F01: Coffee Pii
Satisfy your sweet tooth with the delectable offerings from Booth F01. Experience the fusion of rich coffee flavors and delightful confectionery craftsmanship, resulting in irresistible coffee candies that are sure to awaken your senses.


2) Booth F12: Beccato (Grains Drink)
Quench your thirst and nourish your body with the wholesome goodness of Booth F12. Indulge in a variety of invigorating grains drinks, carefully crafted to provide a delightful blend of nutrition and taste, making it the perfect beverage for health-conscious individuals.


3) Booth A03: Total Bun
As you step into Booth A03, you’ll be immediately captivated by an extraordinary array of buns and bakery delights. Specializing in a wide range of options including Halal, Vegan, Organic, and Normal selections, this establishment takes pride in offering something for everyone. Prepare to be enchanted by the artistry displayed in their fluffy and flavorful creations. From timeless classics to innovative twists, each pastry is meticulously crafted to deliver an unforgettable culinary experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of delectable treats that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.


4) Booth F18, F19: Teik Beng Vegetarian Product
Prepare to be amazed by the incredible offerings of Teik Beng Vegetarian. With over 100 diverse and mouthwatering vegetarian food products, this company has revolutionized the world of plant-based cuisine. From gluten to yam, mushroom to soybean, konnyaku to textured soy protein, their creations showcase a harmonious blend of six major ingredients. But what truly sets Teik Beng Vegetarian apart is their unwavering commitment to natural and wholesome food production. They firmly believe in delivering pure goodness by avoiding the use of whitening agents and preservatives.

Emphasizing the health of their customers, they opt for brown sugar whenever possible, ensuring a healthier choice. Moreover, their dedication to redefining traditional flavors is evident in their modified products, which are free from MSG. Teik Beng Vegetarian is not just a company; it’s an extraordinary culinary adventure that combines innovation, ethics, and mouthwatering taste in every bite. Get ready to embark on a remarkable journey of vegetarian gastronomy with Teik Beng Vegetarian.


5) Booth F09: 手抓 (Shou Zhua)
Experience the thrill of the buy-grab-fun game at Booth F09: 手抓 (Shou Zhua). For just RM 10, close your eyes, select six items from the basket, and immerse yourself in a whirlwind of flavors. Join the excitement at the iFood Expo and let 手抓 (Shou Zhua) treat you to a delightful surprise with every grab!

6) Booth C01, C02: Yew Chian Haw
Step into a world of holistic wellness at Booth C01, C02, where Yew Chian Haw proudly presents their exquisite range of Chinese Herbal Functional food. Indulge in a diverse selection of nourishing soups, invigorating teas, medicinal forms such as pills, powders, and fluids, as well as a variety of healthcare drinks.

Whether you seek specific herbal remedies, a boost to your overall well-being, or simply a taste of ancient wisdom, Yew Chian Haw’s booth is a must-visit destination at the iFood Expo. Let their Chinese Herbal Functional food nourish your body and enrich your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.


7) Booth C05, C06: Sparrow Wing
Prepare for a culinary feast at Booth C05, C06, where Sparrow Wing tantalizes your taste buds with an array of delectable offerings. Delight in their signature soya sauce, braised meat sauce, and a delightful range of beverages including BEE’s Kopi “o”, Kopi “o” 2in1, Cappuccino, and White Coffee.

Sparrow Wing’s sauces are crafted with meticulous care, infusing dishes with rich and savory flavors that are sure to please. Complemented by their selection of quality beverages, each sip is a journey of aromatic delight.


8) Booth B36: Carlos New Food
Carlos New Food is a renowned manufacturer specializing in crafting delectable fish skin snacks, rice noodles, and rice snacks. Their commitment to quality is unwavering as they use only the freshest ingredients sourced meticulously. Each product is a testament to the mastery of their skilled master chefs who have perfected traditional inherited recipes. Prepare to indulge in a culinary experience that combines the richness of heritage with the finest ingredients, all brought to life by the expertise of Carlos New Food.


9) Booth B31: Green Love
Embrace the essence of nature at Booth B31, where Greenlove takes center stage. Discover their commitment to sustainability and wellness as they offer a delightful selection of plant-based creations that celebrate the flavors of wholesome, eco-friendly ingredients.


10) Booth B45: Jiu Ji Gong
Step into the world of holistic wellness at Booth B45, where Jiu Ji Gong presents their remarkable ancient brown sugar. Discover the power of this natural remedy, known for its potential benefits in addressing various health concerns such as insomnia, detoxification, anemia, menstrual pain, cold hands and legs, premenstrual precursor syndrome, menstrual problems, beauty enhancement, irregular menstrual cycles, endocrine disorders, hormone imbalance, low blood pressure, menopause, and more.

Each booth at the iFood Expo tells a captivating tale of culinary passion and innovation. Take this opportunity to embark on a culinary journey like no other and indulge in the extraordinary offerings that await you at each of these exceptional booths.

Experience the iFood Expo like never before at the Exhibition Hall in Pavilion Bukit Jalil. From 10am to 10pm, immerse yourself in a world of culinary delights that will tantalize your taste buds and ignite your passion for food. This grand event promises an unforgettable experience, featuring a captivating showcase of gastronomic innovations, interactive displays, and engaging culinary demonstrations.

But that’s not all – there are fantastic prizes to be won! Participate in the lucky draw for a chance to win one of three exciting iPads. If your total amount spent exceeds RM100, you’ll automatically qualify for the lucky draw (terms and conditions apply).

Calling all food enthusiasts! Engage in the “Bao You Challenge” eating bag competition, where a registration fee of RM5 could win you cash worth RM388 and two boxes of spicy noodles.

For added convenience, take advantage of the thoughtful and exclusive Porter delivery service available at iFood Expo x iVege Market. It ensures that your purchases are delivered directly to the parking lot, making your shopping experience effortless.

Don’t miss out on big discounts! Enjoy incredible savings of up to 80% on various products, including kitchen utensils. Take advantage of this opportunity to stock up on essentials and make significant savings.

Join us at iFood Expo x iVege Market, a free and open event for everyone. Immerse yourself in a variety of gourmet offerings, engage in exciting activities, and be part of an unforgettable culinary experience.

For more information, visit iFood Expo website at or follow them on Facebook page ifood.expo. Get ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure like no other!

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