Tea Time with Lush Cafe

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While we are stuck at home, releasing some homebound stress with foods would be the best remedy for us a Malaysian. Pampering ourselves even during this pandemic with good quality of life would help us improve our mental health too!

While we are looking to types of foods that we would Pamper ourselves with, we found another great cafe; Lush Cafe which offers special bangles delivered to your doorsteps.

Lush Cafe offers varieties of Bagels such as Plain with Cream Cheese, Chocolate with Burberry, Macha with Redbean, Pumpkin Seed with Tuna and Vege and many more. These Bagels were nicely packed into a vacuum-sealed bag to ensure the freshness of the Bagels. We found that the Bagels were still hot when it arrives!

We found these Bagels were not too soft and not too hard. These Bagels were perfectly paired with the recommended topping which makes it even more delicious 😋. Besides Bagels they also served croissants and cakes too. For croissants and cakes lovers, you could also try it out too when you order from them.

Of course Tea Time would not be complete with great beverages. If you are a coffee lovers, you would like to consider their Salted Caramel or Americano. If you are not a fan of coffee, you may also try out their Peach Tea or Macha too either hot or cold.

Lush Cafe is open for order and delivery daily except for Tuesday from 9 am to 3 pm. To check it out, visit their Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/lushcafe.my or Whatsapp +6 017 260 3180

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