2017-12-11 16.03.04_Easy-Resize.comWuFenPu (五分埔), the largest garment wholesale market in TaiPei (台北). It’s somthing similar to Bangkok’s Chatukchak.

Up to 1,000 shops selling huge variety of products like clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc with reasonable price range.

For those who likes trendy and creative fashions, WuFenPu will be a place that you won’t want to miss.

It opens daily from around 1100 to 2200, do take note the operating hours is just for reference, some shops might close earlier.

2017-12-11 16.31.55_Easy-Resize.comBut just to give you a heads up, don’t go on Monday as most shops are busy restocking and dealing with outside vendors, so it is recommended to visit on a Tuesday to get the first chance to see new products, or visit on a Sunday to maybe catch discounts on unsold merchandise.

Here are some products that you can find in WuFenPu:

  • 1st street: Full of trendy products.
  • 3rd street: Area with highest density of shops, include teahouse, shoes store and clothes shops selling Japanese style products.
  • 5th street: Products mainly focus on Europe, USA, Japanese and Korean style. It was easy to find some shops selling unique hip hop and punk goods at this street too.
  • 7th street: Plenty of Korean style sport and street wears for lady.
  • 13th street: Mainly Japanese style clothes for lady.
  • 19th street (SongShan Road Lane 119): Hong Kong and Korean style lady clothes, can find a lot of elegant and traditional wears.
  • YongJi Road (永吉路) : Kid’s wear , some were imported goods.
  • ZhongPo Park (中坡公園): Where you can find local cuisine and snacks. Some accessories stalls were available too.

Besides that you may also find some foods available after a long day shopping there. Check out the top 3 recommended food in Wu Fen Pu at below’s video:

How to get there:

By Bus:
Take bus no. 32, 46, 69, 212, 232, 240, 257, 258, 261, 277, 281, 284, 286, 288, 299, 611, or 621 to Songshan Road (松山路), Yongji Road (永吉路) or Songshan Railway Station (松山火車站).

By Train:
Take train to Songshan Railway Station (松山火車站). From there, walk towards Songshan Road(松山路) to Wufenpu Shopping District (五分埔).

By Taipei MRT:
Take Taipei MRT-Bannan Line (捷運板南線) to MRT Houshanpi Station (捷運後山埤站). Walk towards Zhongpo N. Road and Yonji Road intersection (中坡北路永吉路口).

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