Taiwan is famous of it’s fried oyster. When you are in Taipei one of the food that you must try would be their fried oysters. In Taiwan their friend oysters are called “ou ar jian”.

One of the famous fried oyster available in Taipei was located in Shilin Night Market named Zhong Cheng Hao. This shop was located at the right handside of Shilin Night Market. You will never miss this obvious shop when you are there.

The early Zhong Cheng Hao only sold oyster omelette, and along with the transformation of Shilin Night Market, it also began to sell fried tempura, raw fried squid, braised pork rice and other foods. Perhaps it is the childhood memory is too vivid, so I think that the oyster omelette is still the most representative food of Zhong Cheng Hao. There are about 20 stalls in Shilin Night Market selling oyster omelette. The fresh oyster of Zhong Cheng Hao, delivered from Dongshih Port everyday, has its unique flavor than any other stalls.

Although there is no Michelin star picking, it’s a must to taste the oyster omelette when come to Taipei Shilin Night Market. Taiwan’s famous oyster omelette are mainly sold in major night markets. Many oyster-fried stalls will also sell “fried crab meat”, “fried squid”, “fried shrimp”, “fried egg”, etc., as the name suggests, is to replace the oyster with squid, shrimp, crab and other seafood, or only eggs, vegetables and a combination of starch and water.

The shop normally are filled with people queuing to dine in the shop. At the outside of the shop you will notice their open concept cooking stall with people cooking the friend omelette. For those are not into oysters, The Zhong Cheng Hao also offers the shrimp’s omelette that is equally delicious which is at the same price cost.

The shop also offers Taiwan’s smelly tofu. It is different from Hong Kong’s smelly tofu as it is less deep fried, salty sauce and comes with pickled vegetables at the side.

Zhong Cheng Hao

Address: No. 15-32, Dadong Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan.
Opening Hours: 03.00 pm – 01.00 am (Mon-Sun)
Contact: +880-2-2883-8833

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