sri petaling

Good Food from All Over China

Most of us knows that foods are very important to Chinese in their life. There are many great cuisines that has been created by Chinese from different parts of the country. It is hard for us to get all these cuisines all at one place in China. Don’t mention it is in Malaysia. But there is a good news to all, starting from 26th Oct 2017, you have a chance to enjoy some of the main dishes comi...

SoftServ Ice Cream The New Ice Cream Trend

Soft serve is a national favorite. Despite our love for hard ice cream, soft serve gets picked about 80 percent of the time. It’s not hard to understand why ― this soft, pillowy puff of magic defines summer ― but it’s a little tricky to wrap our heads around all the ingredients that show up in this summertime treat. Turns out it’s not just “soft” ice cream. It gets that texture for a reason. At fi...

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