Expert says, NEVER reboil the water in your kettle

MANY of us think nothing of re-boiling water in the kettle to make our morning cuppa, but it turns out doing so exposes us to some serious health risks according to health experts. Most tap waters contain natural chemical compounds, the make-up of which changes when first boiled. This is a good thing as it kills any germs and bacteria present in the water. However, when it is re-heated, the dissol...

Protecting Your Loves on with Safe Water Heater

We have heard many cases of people get electrocuted while showering. Does it means that all electrical are unsafe? We loves of family and we do not wish to see the same thing happened to our families. of course. According to our research, our current instant water heater in the market are implementing a same water heating concept as our electric kettle. If you look into our electric kettle, there ...

Save Your Heater’s Energy Consumption

SEERS launches an all-new Smart Technology that can turn your ordinary abode into an energy saving Smart Home with just a tap. Malaysia’s leading manufacturer and developer of environmental-friendly and energy-efficient water heater goes above and beyond with its latest invention the SEERS Intelligence System. The smart technology allows you to remotely control your water heater from your phone (b...

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