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Famous Thai Street Foods are now in Atria

When talking about Thai Street foods, Thai Street foods lovers will definitely be visiting Go Thai in SS2. Align with their expansion, now they are also in Atria Shopping Gallery, Petaling Jaya. Located on the top floor of Atria Shopping Gallery, Go Thai has made its restaurant a simple but spacious place for diners to hangout and enjoy. As same as Go Thai in SS2 they offers many varieties of Thai...

Authentic Thai Street Food at Go Thai

The best food in any given country is often not found in restaurants, but on its streets. It is the same as Thai food too. When we visit Thailand, one of the best place to go for food is at the food bazaar and streets. All these foods ware being cooked by the locals for the locals. Hence it beings an authentic taste in all the foods being served. We have found on restaurant in SS2 that sells authe...

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