french cuisine

Affordable French Cuisine @ Chez Gaston

When ever we heard about French cuisine, we will definitely linked it to a romantic cuisine that could cost a bomb. At Chez Gaston, this is not the case. eRayn3 has found out this restaurant by coincident when we were rounding at Bangsar. Located at the corner of Jalan Bangsar 1, this restaurant has always been packed with many foreigners and also locals working adults.

French Cuisine with Malaysian Flavours

Cocott’ derives from the French word cocotte /kô’kôt/. It designates a pot in which food can be both cooked and served. It is often made of cast-iron, and first originated from the Netherlands in the 17th century as the English name (Dutch oven) indicates it. Cocottes are widely used in France and associated to hearty food as they are particularly well suited for long, slow cooking, like roasts, s...

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