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Sneakpeak on KLIA’s Syariah Compliance Hotel

Hotels is common everywhere but it is definitely not common for Syariah compliance hotels to be available everywhere. There were many misconceptions about what is a Syariah compliance hotels were. Do you think service halal and non alcohol drinks and have Kiblat sign in every rooms are considered a Syariah compliance hotel? Or do you think you have to cover your whole body up when you were in the ...

Top Reasons to Stay at Royal Ambarrukmo

When comes to Southeast Asia, Indonesia would often emerge as one of the most sought-after destination by travelers of all kinds. Beside Bali and Jakarta, travelers who loves history and heritage places would definitely loves Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is the first place that has been recognized as the capital city of Indonesia before Jakarta. It has lots of rich history and heritages. At Yogyakarta, ...

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