Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Your Galaxy Your Way with Samsung One UI 4

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After much anticipation, the Samsung One UI 4 based on Android 12 update is officially unveiled, offering us a taste of our own Galaxy and all its possibilities. The One UI 4 brings a unified mobile experience to Galaxy smartphones through comprehensive customisation and privacy capabilities that puts users in complete control over many mobile aspects. The system is currently available on the Galaxy S21 series, including Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra, as well as Galaxy smartwatches – Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Watch3 only. If you would like to design your ideal Galaxy to be more comfortable, simple and personalised, continue reading this guide to learn how to fully utilise One UI 4 and empower your delightful mobile experience.

Before beginning your learning journey, make sure you have updated your software to One UI 4. If you have not, here’s how to install One UI 4:

Step 1: Open the Settings app
Step 2: Click on ‘Software Update’ to check on available updates
Step 3: Download and install One UI 4 software

Tip: Make sure to fully charge your phone and back up the data before doing an update to ensure smooth upgrade process.

Customise Your Galaxy Display Experience Your Way

With a whole host of new customisation features such as colour palettes, user interface designs, widgets, AR emoji and much more, you can alter the look and feel of everything from your lock screen to display settings easily.

Aesthetic Visual Components

With the vast amount of customisable features in One UI 4, you can now enjoy a UI that is aesthetically pleasing just for you. For you to focus on a more intuitive way, similar colours in mobile system are grouped together.

How to use:

  1. Colour Palette: Open Colour Palette to select colours and customise your mobile visual components such as background, folder colours and icons to colours that suits your preference. To create a uniform Home screen look, extract the main colour from your wall paper and use that colour to match your system’s theme for a totally unique user interface just for you.
  2. Dark Mode: Dark mode is now extended to all app icons to bring you more comfort.
  3. Quick Panel: The order of quick panel has been renewed. The brightness adjustment bar is now larger and moved to the top so you can adjust brightness with a visually enhanced sliders more conveniently.

Extra Dim: For night owls, you can dim the screen with Extra Dim. Simply open the Accessibility mode in the Settings app to activate the new Extra Dim and


How to use:

  1. Widget Consistency: For a more consistent look and feel, every widgets now automatically have rounded corners
  2. Personalised Widget Recommendations: Scroll through your widget lists and add your favourites to your home screen. You can now view more information on your Home screen at a glance.
  3. Interactive & Engaging Widgets: Add your favourite photos to hang on your home screen as picture-in-picture widgets. Adjust to any size with a simple pinch of your fingers and move it smoothly to wherever you want.
  4. Widgets on Lock Screen: The Voice Recorder and Calendar widget can now be added to the lock screen. Simply open your widget lists to add them and you can record voice memos and track your upcoming schedules without unlocking your phone.
  5. Dual Clock Widget: Add two cities with different time zones from the widget lists to your main screen to check the time in different cities at a glance. It will show different background colours depending on whether the cities are in day or night.


Expressing yourself with emoji is now on another level thanks to One UI 4. The emoji, stickers and gifs are now placed in a single icon so you can easily pull out the right visual element to craft your perfect text. Express complex mixed emotions with Emoji Pairs easier than ever – simply combine and make them animated

How to use:

  1. Emoji Pairs: Express complex mixed emotions with Emoji Pairs is now easier than ever. When one emoji is not enough, simply pair up your emojis together and animate them to spice up your chats and express yourself better.
  • The AR emoji – it’s your twinsie, set it as your profile photo for your Samsung apps and your watch face.
  • Access your emojis, stickers & gifs all in one icon – easily pull out the right visual element to craft the perfect text
  • Emoji Pairs – when one emoji isn’t enough – customize emojis to spice up your chats and express yourself

Camera & Photo Editing

How to use:

  1. Numbered Camera Module: Snap photos in a more intuitive way. Open the camera app and zoom in or out to see the degree of zoom. You will know exactly which angle you are shooting from.
  2. Photo to Video Transition: Easily transition to video by sliding to upwards to unlock the recording button.
  3. Photo Remaster: Took a great shot? Click on Photo Remaster in your gallery and you can deblur or enhance your photos to clear and vibrant instantly.
  4. Create PNG Images: Open up photo editor and cut the parts you want with. Now, you will have PNG images with transparent background without using any third party applications.

Secure & Protect What Matters Most To You

There’s no privacy without strong security. With One UI 4, monitoring and controlling your privacy settings is simple. With the latest privacy and security features, you can now choose exactly what you want to share or keep private.

  1. Grant or Deny Access Alert

When an app wants to access your camera and microphone, you will receive an instant alert or whether to grant or deny access.

How to use:

  1. New Privacy Dashboard: Open the privacy dashboard to view and control how apps are using your data all in a place conveniently.
  2. Live Location: When you’re an app wants to access your location, an alert will appear and you can choose whether to share your exact coordinate or approximate location.

With One UI 4 there are so many possibilities and that’s the beauty of Galaxy. One UI 4 is as unique as you are, it’s all about your taste, passions, experiences and friends. Your Galaxy Your Way. Watch these videos on One UI 4 to learn more:

Official Introduction Film 1:

Official Introduction Film 2:

One UI 4: Customize from the inside out:

One UI 4: Organize your Galaxy, your way:

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